Washington Redskins 5 Keys to the Game: Week 11

Washington Commanders Washington Redskins Keys to the Game

1. Run The Football:

I know they will be tempted to pass the football on the Eagles and their disappointing passing defense, but it is a mistake to try to rely on the passing game. It looks tempting given that the Eagles pass rush hasn’t been potent, and their safeties have been a huge liability. The problem with that thinking is it ignores how poor the Redskins pass blocking has been. If the Eagles can get some pressure, those Philly defensive backs can be very opportunistic. Running is the safer game plan for the Redskins as it has been the most consistent part of their offense. The Eagles Wide-9 defense can also be more susceptible to the run than the pass, allowing the Redskins strength to attack the Eagles weakness.

2. Attack Nick Foles:

Nick Foles is a rookie quarterback behind a line that is missing four starters. it doesn’t matter whom the Redskins are missing, they have to be able to get pressure. There is no excuse to not be able to make the rookie uncomfortable at home. They have to force Foles into some errant throws and some turnovers. Ryan Kerrigan and Stephen Bowen are the two players that need to step up the most in this game, as they are the top remaining rushers for Washington.

3. Protect Robert Griffin:

The offensive line has started to get more exposed these couple of weeks, and it is starting to affect Robert Griffin III‘s play. Part of the Redskins problem is they have been utilizing shot gun formations and quick passing less and less (in part due to the opponents score). That is forcing Griffin in the pocket for over 2.5, a timeframe that this line is incapable of blocking for. The Redskins have to use their backs and TE’s to chip defensive ends on their way out for routes (or actually stay in to block). Also the Redskins need to limit their passes that will take longer than 2.5 seconds ensuring that Griffin will have the time to complete his passes.

4. Limit the Penalties:

The Redskins are the most penalized team in the NFL and it is costing them games. They can’t keep averaging 8.3 penalties a game if they want to be a legitimate contender going forward. The Redskins biggest problem has been on offense were they have committed over 50% of their penalties. The increased penalties in recent weeks is one of the reasons why the Redskins offense has started to stall out, and the scoring has slowed down

5. Get Creative:

Look the Redskins are 3-6 and their playoff hopes are all but lost, but that doesn’t mean you give up. What it does mean is everything should be on the table. While the Redskins have run some tick plays on offense, for the most part they have been telegraphed (having Banks on the field) and unimaginative. The Redskins need to get more creative on offense and defense, hopefully coming up with some much needed big plays. On Special Teams the Redskins could use a trick play or two to shake things up.

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