Ranking the Redskins Roster in terms of Fantasy Football Value

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Washington Redskins Top Fantasy Football Players

1. Pierre Garcon:

-Regardless of whether its a PPR league or not Garcon should easily be the Redskins top fantasy football option. He has already developed some nice chemistry with Robert Griffin, and appears to be the focal point of the offense. Though He might not be a touchdown machine, 7-9 touchdowns should be very likely for the year. I’d guess 80 catches for around 1,150 yards is a fair estimate for Garcon. Also if your league gives any bonuses for big play touchdowns, don’t be surprised to see Garcon haul in a couple this year. I’d say Garcon is a solid number 2 receiver or Flex play most weeks for your fantasy football team.

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2. Fred Davis:

-Davis is the Redskins 2nd best fantasy option, but it might be by default more than merit. Yes Davis is coming off a really good 12 game campaign last season, but he may not see anything close to the same numbers this year. Davis was targeted just two times in the preseason, and neither were down the field targets. Right now it looks like Davis is more of an underneath target rather than a guy who can create mismatches down the field. Even if he does start to be more of a focal point, I’d still expect his numbers to go down this year. The Redskins are likely to pass less this season than last, and with the poor blocking of the offensive line, Davis could have fewer routes as he’s asked to stay in to block. Davis has also never been a great red zone weapon so I wouldn’t expect a spike in TD’s. 50 catches for 750 yards and 5 touchdowns seems like a fair amount. I would still consider him a starting TE, but I’d want a pretty solid back-up who depending on match-ups would steal some starts.

3. Billy Cundiff:

-It’s never good when a kicker is your third best fantasy football option, but that is probably the case here. Last year the Redskins had 41 field goal attempts and 26 extra point attempts. With an improved offense, led by Robert Griffin and Pierre Garcon the Redskins could see those numbers go up. The 41 attempts was 2nd in the league last year so if that number stays the same, and Cundiff can convert a high percentage, he’d be well on his way to being a valuable kicker. The extra points number should go up as well, and could see an increase by 7-10 more chances.

4. Robert Griffin III:

-Rookie quarterbacks are poor fantasy football starters, especially those with a suspect offensive line and a tough schedule. While many people may see the next Vick or Newton given Griffin’s running ability, it shouldn’t be enough to propel Griffin to be a top 10 or 12 quarterback. I would put Griffin somewhere in the 3,500 yard range, with 20 passing touchdowns and another 4 rushing TD’s. As a rookie though his turnovers could be a bit high, which will negate some of his value. He could end up being a solid back-up option, especially if you have a riskier starting quarterback like Peyton Manning, Michael Vick or Matt Schaub.

5. Evan Royster:

-It’s next to impossible to determine what back will get the majority of carries in any given game, but Royster is probably the safest bet. He’s not a game breaker, but he’s a smart runner who fits the Redskins offense pretty well. He will definitely split time, but I think he’ll end up leading the team in both rushing yards and touchdowns. He should also get a few passes thrown his way as well. It might be tough for him to crack a 1,000 rushing yards, but 800+ seems fair and i think 8 touchdowns is likely. I wouldn’t start him many weeks, given the uncertainty around the Skins running back depth chart, but he could be a decent bye week replacement a couple of times.

6. Santana Moss:

-Moss isn’t really the number two receiver, and could see his snaps limited as he figures to play only in the slot this year. Still he’s probably the Redskins 2nd best receiver option in terms of fantasy. Josh Morgan and Leonard Hankerson will probably split snaps on the outside, and likely won’t have the same chemistry with Robert Griffin as Moss. Even though Moss will only play in the slot, he could see a number of targets. Griffin is going to be most comfortable when the Redskins spread the field, and let him work out of the shotgun. Moss should be in on those plays, and he’s the smaller, quicker receiver that Griffin is used to targeting from his Baylor days. As defenses begin to try to take away Pierre Garcon, Moss could find a lot of favorable coverages working inside.  I could see Moss catching 40 balls for 600 yards and 4 touchdowns. He’s only going to be an injury replacement type of optoin, but against the right option

7. Washington Redskins Defense:

-I know some people want to think of the Redskins defense as an up-and-coming unit, but really it’s a bad fantasy play. Sure they figure to do well in sacks which you like, but they are horrible at creating turnovers, which is a big points area in fantasy. Since they don’t create a lot of turnovers, their chances at a defensive score are very slim, and should not be expected. For all the hype of their special teams, they didn’t come close to returning a kick for a score this year, and will be lucky to get one this year. While as a team they ranked well in yards allowed from a fantasy perspective, they didn’t do too well. They allowed 300+ yards (which is the typical cutoff for positive points) 12 times last year, and 350 or more (where negative points start kicking in) eight times. In terms of scoring they allowed teams to get more than 17 points (the cutoff of positive fantasy points) 12 times last year. What makes matters worse is the Skins this year play a far tougher schedule with more dynamic offenses. Overall the Skins defense has a couple favorable match-ups (Rams, Bucs, Vikings, Browns) that could be good days for the defense, but that is about it.

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