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Introducing Washington Redskins Super Fan “Uncle Skins”!  The Redskins have had a lot of great “Super Fans” over the years….The Chief, The Hogs, and now Uncle Skins! So meet him here…

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How long have you been a Redskins fan?      

Growing up my big brother rooted for the Redskins.  At first I didn’t understand why he was going wild when he’d watch them on Sundays.  It wasn’t until I found out it was because they were our local NFL team and much of our neighborhood shared the same fervor for them as he did.  Not long after that, both of us were loudly celebrating in front of the TV when our hometown Redskins scored a touchdown.

Being a family and football guy, the spirit for hometown sports is something that is rooted in my personality.  This is something that I’ve always grown up with.

How long have you been playing the role of Uncle Skins?

The 2012 NFL season is the sophomore campaign of Uncle Skins.  The first year was very memorable.  It involved doing a public appearance besides Redskins players and the Hogettes.  I also sat in on a segment of the BallHogsRadio show at Rockville Town Center.

During the Redskins-Jets game, two female Jets fans came up and asked me for a picture.  They said they really wished I rooted for the Jets because they loved the Uncle Skins idea.  Coming from a fanbase that is home to Fireman Ed, that is a great compliment.

I’m looking forward to another great Redskins football season.

What made you decide to create Uncle Skins?

I’m a HUGE supporter of the hometown.  D.C. is a great place to live and has a ton of rich history.  Eric Bickel, local Junkies radio host, has mentioned in his program that icons like senators, diplomats, and other legislation symbols are not that intimidating.  I happen to agree with that statement, so I brainstormed some ideas that did provoke local pride and strength.

In political cartoons, Uncle Sam was a symbolic figure who could sign a bill in one hand & cold cock you with the other.  He’d always had a solemn look on his face and wasn’t afraid to roll up his formal dress sleeves to get his hands dirty.  He is a great combination of power, intimidation, and respect.  All those things give great symbolic parallels to our area.

With the Redskins in our Nation’s Capital, it only makes sense to combine those themes and come to the conclusion that “Uncle Sam is a Redskins fan”.  That and the fact he wears coattails just sealed the deal for me.

Describe how important is the role of 12th man for fans?

It is important that fans support their hometown teams.  That is one of the fundamentals of sport spectating.  You wouldn’t take your kid to his soccer game and then start to cheer for the neighborhood kid they’re playing against.  That would be foolish and downright negligent.  That’s what happens when you’re not supporting your hometown team.

I fully understand moving away from your hometown and continuing to support them. I condone that and in fact, encourage it.  That’s why I get along so well with opposing fans at FedEx.  I want them to support their hometown teams, because who else would our Redskins get to beat every week?


What’s your favorite part about being a SuperFan?

Hands down it’s the Redskins fans.  I’m sure I’m biased since I’m extremely partial to the area but, Redskins fans are truly the greatest fanbase in the NFL, and perhaps beyond.  There are so many nice people that have invited me to their tailgate, asked for a picture or helped me find tickets to a game.       

I crossed a FedEx tailgate last year that looked like a military banquet.  There was twenty, retired officers that saw Uncle Skins and really liked the idea.  They asked their professional photographer to take a group picture and all of them instructed me to stand in the middle of the photograph.  To be treated with that much respect among men who were career military personnel was really an honor.

What’s your craziest story as being a SuperFan?

It’d have to be the marriage proposal that I presided over.  It was the Redskins-Vikings game and a guy in a Vikings jersey came up to me with five minutes left in the game and handed me an engagement ring.  He pointed to his Redskins jersey wearing girlfriend and asked me to present the ring to her at the two minute warning.  I came over with two minutes left and said “Excuse me Miss, I Want You…to marry this gentlemen”.  I presented the ring while her guy was on one knee asking her hand in marriage.  She cried and said “yes”, a small crowd applauded, all to the sound of me exclaiming ‘Hail To The Redskins!’

Contact Uncle Skins:

Twitter:  @UncleSkins

Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/UncleSkinsWantsYou

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