Some Quick Thoughts and Game Notes From the Preseason Finale

NFL Washington Commanders

1. Kirk Cousins will be a pretty good starter some day:

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-It likely won’t be with the Redskins, but I love the way Cousins plays. You see a very smart quarterback who is a leader, with good tools across the board. Now his stats, 15/27 for 222 yards and a pick, don’t tell the whole story. Cousins was on target with most of his throws, and showed excellent poise and decision making in the pocket. Even the interception wasn’t really a bad throw or decision. It was a bit of a tight window, but the throw was on target and it took a great play by the defender to tip the ball to his teammate. Whether it is a year from now or four years from now Cousins has what it takes to succeed in this league.

2. The Bucs 2nd Unit is Awful:

-Evaluating anyone in this game was a bit tough, b/c on both sides of the ball the Redskins had major talent advantages. Tampa may have a nice starting unit, but that 2nd string was getting killed out there and made guys who should be cut look like all-pros.

3. Billy Cundiff Gets Some Work:

-Through the first three preseason games Graham Gano and Neil Rackers attempted a combined two field goals. Billy Cundiff attempted four last night. Unfortunately he only made three of his attempts, but they were from 39, 27 and 22 yards. While, you don’t want to make too much on the one missed field goal as of course it could happen to anyone, it didn’t bode well given how Gano was released, and Cundiff was just handed the job. It was a 46 field goal attempt, in perfect weather conditions, so while not a chip shot it is a field goal you should be making most of the time, and Cundiff wasn’t too close.

4. Brandon Banks doesn’t deserve to make this team:

-I know, I know everyone will talk about his “big play ability”, but a lot of that is smoke and mirrors. This preseason we’ve seen strong returns from Santana Moss, Richard Crawford, Niles Paul and even Aldrick Robinson last night. Yes Banks had a number of good returns, but he also had the most chances by far. And last night those punt returns gave a lot of false hope as almost everyone of them was a low or poor kick. Kai Forbath the Bucs punter last night, is really a place kicker by trade and is a guy that is going to give you some easily returnable kicks. A couple of those punts had about as much hangtime as a Donovan McNabb bounce pass. Yes Banks had a couple of other big plays, but remember the defense he was facing. On the one pass play he succeeded on the corner back missed the jam and Banks was able to just out run him. If a corner back missed the jam on Robinson or Anthony Armstrong, do we really think the result wouldn’t have been the same if not better? The end around was a nice run, but he had excellent blocking and that Bucs defense was giving up a ton of rushing yards, including to the Skins back-up fullback. We also need to remember that Banks dropped both a catch and punt, and on most of his routes he wasn’t able to gain separation.

5. There may be a counting error at Fed ex Field:

-The Redskins announced that they had a live attendance of 56, 555 at the game last night. Watching the broadcast that number would be accurate only if the Redskins multiplied the number by 10. Now I know attendance figures can be a bit ridiculous, but I can’t see how that is even close.

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