Redskins vs Bears: Part 3

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Running backs, Receivers and Tight end report:

Running backs:

Alfred Morris Morris ran really well in his 10 carries, and although after his first rush of 21 yards, he only managed 13 yards on 9 carries little blame can be laid at his feet. The run blocking was atrocious through out the game, but Morris dealt with some of the worst of it. Routinely he was facing quite a bit of penetration and would have to make someone miss behind the line of scrimmage. He got the most out of what the line gave him and should be recognized for having a positive performance.

Tristan Davis- Davis showed some nice speed in the 2nd half, and showed some ability to pick up yards quickly. He’s a smaller runner, but still has some toughness in the way he keeps his legs churning. He doesn’t have the greatest vision, and may have missed a few cut backs to pick up extra yards. The blocking for him wasn’t too stellar either, so he’s hard to get a fix on. I’d still say he’s a long shot to make the team, but could be kept on the practice squad.

Evan Royster- Royster had two runs for 20 yards, but before anyone gets too excited they were on a pair of draw plays on 3rd and 21 and 3rd and 12. Those yards helped in the game of field position and they were nice tough runs, they were against nickle defenses with fewer guys in the box.

Antwon Bailey- Bailey got a couple of carries late in the game and had a nice little 7 yard run, but overall he probably didn’t impress coaches too much. On his third run of the night Bailey fumbled as he tried to dive over the pile. It wasn’t some 2nd or 3rd and short play, nor was he on the goalline, instead Bailey decided to dive on 1st and 10 at about the 50 yard line, right after Cousins completed a 21 yard strike to Robinson.

Wide Receivers:

Pierre Garcon Garcon was officially targeted 3 times, and had two receptions for just 13 yards. Once was on a 3rd and long where the Bears gave him a soft cushion, the other was a quick pass on a 2nd and 10 to pick up 5 yards. His third official target was a quick slant that was thrown behind Garcon, giving him basically zero chance to make the catch. Garcon was targeted on a 4th pass on a deep ball down the sideline, in which he drew a pass interference call from the defense, negating the play officially. In the review of the play you can clearly see Garcon initiate contact and sell it to the official to get the call when he realized that he couldn’t get to the ball.

Leonard Hankerson Hankerson started but was targeted just one time on a comeback route, on a play action boot leg pass. It was a nice throw and catch, and Hankerson did his job to get beyond the first down marker, but unfortunately it was a little low and Hankerson went to the ground eliminating any run after the catch potential.

Santana Moss Moss had two targets, only one catch though. His catch was probably the catch of the night as he went over the middle and got inside the safety for a 16 yard strike. Moss also held on to the ball after taking a hit, showcasing how effective he can be from the slot this year.

Aldrick Robinson- Robinson had a huge game with 7 targets, 6 receptions and 104 yards. His best catch might have been his 49 yard TD, where he gained nice separation and caught a tipped ball, to then out race the defense for the score. He worked on a variety of routes and caught everything he got his hands on. Even the one target where Cousins missed him on a deep out, Robinson showed great speed and an ability to separate. For the most part he worked against Jonathan Wilhite, who is at least a back-up caliber cornerback, and has been around the league for a while.

Dezmon Briscoe- Briscoe was a bit overshadowed by Robinson, but he had a nice game in his own right. He caught three passes for 51 yards and showed nice hands and an ability to work the intermediate routes. He used his size well, and showed how effective he can be in the red zone with his TD catch.

Tight Ends:

Fred Davis- Davis didn’t have any targets (though he did appear open once or twice), but once again struggled as a blocker. Both against the run and against the pass rush. In fact on the Griffin fumble it was Davis who lost his block on the guy coming from behind Griffin. The Redskins continue to put Davis in a position where he’s asked to block (not unreasonable for a franchise TE), but he continues to let them down. He’s got to do a better job if he wants to remain on the field.

Niles Paul- Paul had a strong day blocking, including setting a block that helped Alfred Morris get to the 2nd level on his 21 yard run. Overall he had a nice day receiving as well, catching four of his five targets, for 25 yards including a TD. On the TD he did a nice job of faking like he was blocking on the play action, before accelerating through the defense, giving Cousins a nice open target for the score. Much will be made about his “drop” from Griffin in the first half, but the ball was very poorly thrown behind Paul. Paul already had all of his momentum going the other way, and while you’d like to see him make that catch, it wasn’t easy. Both sides are at fault, but the QB should not be throwing a ball behind his wide open receiver when he isn’t under pressure and just a few yards away from his target.

Logan Paulsen Paulsen ended up having a really nice game. He had some big blocks both on rushing and passing plays, and right now looks to be the Skins best blocker (albeit against 2nd stringers). Paulsen also caught the ball well, hauling in three passes for 45 yards. Paulsen isn’t a movement TE by any stretch, but he did good to get off the line and get down the field on some of those throws.

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