What do the Redskins do about their Right Tackle position? Part 2 External Options

Washington Commanders

Yesterday I took a look at the Jammal Brown situation, and some internal options to replace him. Today I’ll look at some more external options and what the Redskins should do.

Free Agent Market:

Obviously the free agent market is dried up of any top options, but that doesn’t mean the Redskins couldn’t find a little help. Now the Redskins aren’t going to be looking for upside or top talent here, but they could look for a veteran with some experience to try to get them through this season. Of the veteran options two stick out as potential options for the Skins:

Tony Pashos- Pashos has had an up-and-down career at right tackle, with some seasons of really solid above average play, and some that fall below average. He’s experienced, and has been around the league, but is recovering from a foot injury. He might not be ready for the start of the season but the Redskins could sign him to  a minimum contract that won’t hurt them if his injury keeps him out longer. He’s a bit of a risk, but if healthy would be even an upgrade over Jammal Brown (though that isn’t exactly setting the bar high).

Vernon Carey- Carey is a versatile starter who has played both guard and tackle and is a former first round pick. His play hasn’t been as high these last few years, but he can still be an effective option who can help fill in for Brown (or Lichtensteiger) this season.

Trade Market:

It’s unclear if any viable options are available on the market, but the Redskins have to explore all options heading into the season. Now what is clear is there aren’t going to be any stars available, but some teams may feel they have the depth to warrant trading their 3rd tackle. From the Redskins perspective, they need to weigh whether giving up any combination of players/draft picks will be worth it. Given their lack of picks, it will probably only make sense if the Redskins are gaining more than one year of team control. It’s unclear if either of these guys would be available, but two guys to inquire on would be:

Anthony Collins- Collins was an unrestricted free agent this season, but received little interest and re-signed for a 2 year deal for $2.5 million (total). Collins has started 18 games throughout his career (at both RT and LT) , and has for the most part performed pretty well. He’s still just 26 and would give the Skins 2 years of team control, but the Bengals may be willing to add an asset or two, given that their starting tackles are set. Collins I imagine would cost at a minimum a 4th round pick, and would probably need to add a lesser player to the deal.

Joseph Barksdale- Barksdale was a 3rd round pick in 2011 for the Oakland Raiders. While they consider him promising, Kalif Barnes may beat him out for the RT job. If that is the case Barksdale could be on the market. The current Raiders regieme didn’t draft Barksdale, so they have little invested in him. And with a number of growing holes and so many traded away picks recently (and into the future) Oakland may look to cash in. The would probably look for at least a 3rd round pick, and possibly another asset.

Bargain Shopping:

Instead of exploring the trade market or signing a veteran free agent, the Redskins could look to try to find a diamond in the rough type of player when other teams start making cuts, prior to the year. On the positive side, it would allow them to maybe get a future asset, instead of just focusin on this season.  The downside is likely anyone who is claimed won’t be much of a contributor this season, giving little help at a time when it is needed most.


The Redskins will need to rely a lot on their current depth, but they can’t put all their eggs in that basket. Though guys like Collins and Barksdale could be interesting, even if they are available I don’t know if it makes sense for the Redskins to drop more draft picks on trades, even if it would benefit them for more than one season. Given that I would look to sign Vernon Carey to hopefully take over the starting job for most of the season. In addition, the Redskins need to look at bargain shopping options as there is way too much uncertainty in this offensive line group. Given the concerns among the line I think it is more likely that the Redskins will keep 10 linemen this season, just to try to make up for their lack of set starters.


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