Projecting the Rookies:

Washington Commanders

*Note I’m not going to try to predict injuries or things like that, since as we saw last year (Hankerson, Jenkins) the injuries could just as easily come to the rookies. This is just a look and who makes the roster and what role we should expect from them this season.

1. QB Robert Griffin-

-Despite the track record of starting rookie QB’s from day one, the Redskins have handed the reins to Griffin already, and he’s the leader of this team. On the positive side it is apparent that the Redskins will gear their offense to his strengths, which should help simplify things for the rookie QB. Expectations should still be muted given the history of rookie QB’s, especially when there appears to be some real holes along the offensive line. Griffin should be around a middle of the pack QB, which is really good for a rookie.

3. G Josh LeRibeus-

-LeRibeus will work at all three interior positions, and should be at least the primary back-up for the interior. He could work his way into the starting line-up given the serious health questions surrounding Kory Lichtensteiger. Even if he does work his way into the starting line-up, he’s probably not an early impact guy, so the expectations shouldn’t be too high. He does add confidence in adding depth and helping on special teams.

4. QB Kirk Cousins

-Cousins is pretty much locked into the 3rd QB role for this season. Even if he outplayed Rex Grossman in preseason, he probably wouldn’t pass him on the depth chart. Despite being locked into the 3rd QB role, this is an important year for Cousins, as he needs to prove that he can take over the number two spot for next season.

4. ILB Keenan Robinson-

-Robinson will likely see extensive special teams work this season, and will be heavily relied upon in this area. If Perry Riley continues to struggle some versus the pass Robinson could end up replacing him in certain situations. Even if Riley is productive, don’t be shocked if the Redskins try to find 100 or more defensive snaps for him, so he can get his feet.

5. G Adam Gettis-

-Depending on how many offensive linemen the Redskins keep, Gettis could be on the roster bubble some, though I would think releasing him would be a major mistake. Gettis has some decent upside, and should be able to back-up all the interior positions. Gettis isn’t likely to get any real time as a rookie, though he could see some special teams duty.

6. RB Alfred Morris

-There could be a numbers crunch at RB if the team only keeps 3. If that is the case I don’t think Morris has much of a chance. But if they keep 4 backs, than Morris only really has to fight off some undrafted free agents. There are a few guys that could give him a problem, so I wouldn’t say he’s a lock. If he does make it, my guess is he’ll be inactive most days.

6. OT Tom Compton-

-The Roster crunch could impact Compton as well. If the team only keeps 8 OL, then two of the three back-ups will likely be LeRibeus and Tyler Polumbus. that leaves just one spot, and Compton will have to battle Gettis, and young guys like Maurice Hurt and Willie Smith for it. Now if the Skins keep 9 offensive linemen (as they should) then Compton’s chances got a lot better. He’s a bit of a project, but there is definite upside there. They probably wouldn’t be able to stash him on the practice squad for a year. If he makes the team don’t expect to see his number called too often this season.

7. CB Richard Crawford-

-The cornerback field is looking to be wide open after the top two guys, giving Crawford at least a chance. Overall he’s a long shot to make the squad, and there is no guarantee he’ll even get practice squad consideration. One of his toughest  opponents for a roster spot is fellow rookie Chase Minnifield who has a greater upside.

7. S-Jordan Bernstein-

-Bernstein like Crawford is a real long shot to make the team. The Redskins brought in at least three veteran safeties (Cedric Griffin could end up working as a safety) this offseason, as well as last year’s rookie Dejon Gomes. Reed Doughty is still in the mix, and with his special teams ability, he could force his way on the roster. Bernstein is on the outside look in this year, but he is a guy who is probably at least worthy of a practice squad spot.  .

So who do you see making the team and in what role do you see for these rookies this year?

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