Ranking the Redskins Offensive Positions:

Washington Commanders

I thought it would be fun during the offseason to take a look at the Redskins positional groups, and see where they rank in relation to one another. I will evaluate who these positions are expected to produce, to see where the Redskins stand, and where they will be looking to improve.

*Note These Rankings are for this season so when I use words like potential, it means their potential for this season and not into the future. Also no weight is given for positional value, it is solely passed on talent and depth. Finally, FB is lumped in with Running backs.

1. Wide Receiver:

-No position group on the offense has the combination of talent, depth and potential. Between Pierre Garcon, Santana Moss, Leonard Hankerson, and Josh Morgan, the Redskins have the top 4 spots of their receiver corps locked down. Even with a minor injury or two (1-2 missed games) those top 4 receivers should account for over 85% of the targets given to WR’s. With younger guys like Morgan, Hankerson and Garcon, there is some potential for increased production. Their might not be an elite guy in the group, but there is enough talent here to be number 1 for the Skins.

2. Tight End:

-There are some serious questions about Fred Davis (blocking and consistency), Chris Cooley (injury), and Nile Paul (position change), but between the three the Redskins should manage a quality TE group. Davis and Cooley can and should be highly productive in this system if things go well. Paul also could be a diamond in the rough, and should make up weaknesses by the top two guys. The amount of concerns, keeps this group from being number 1.

3. Quarterback:

-This group has solid depth, and top potential, but very unproven. Given the general struggles or slow starts for rookie QB’s the Redskins should remain muted in their expectations. The uncertainty and limited ceiling (for rookie year production) keeps this group out of the top two spots, but this is likely the position group to move up this list during the season.

4. Running backs:

-The Redskins have solid depth here, and good potential for a guy like Roy Helu or Evan Royster to have a big year, but they lack production. The Redskins running game should be solid this year, but given how poor it has been the past two seasons its hard to hae high expectations of this group. The Redskins could see an increase in their number of carries so the yards should go up, but the question is will they do anything with those extra carries.

5. Tackles:

-This is tough because on one hand you have a young LT with a lot of promise (though not a ton of production) in Trent Williams. On the other hand you have Jammal Brown, who is among the worst starting RT’s in the league. Brown does weigh down this position group, but I have it higher in part because I believe at some point, one of Tyler Polumbus, Tom Compton, and Willie Smith will take over for Brown at some point. Though none of them really project to be better average, if the Skins could get 5-8 games from their back-ups it could make enough of a difference. Another factor keeping this above guard and center is the chance that Trent Williams finally puts it together and plays up to his potential.

6. Center:

-Will Montgomery isn’t a stud offensive lineman, and in fact isn’t much better than average, but he’s the Redskins 2nd best lineman, given his consistency. The issue for the Redskins is there really isn’t any potential here. Montgomery really isn’t going to get better, and there really isn’t any depth here. The Redskins have been trying out some of their rookies at center, but none really figure to be ready to take over the starting job this season.

7. Guard:

-There is a lot of uncertainly at this position which is why it is at the bottom of the list. Kory Lichtensteiger is coming back from a major injury and who knows how he’ll perform this season. Chris Chester the other Redskins guard had a really rough first year in Washington. It is possible that both spots end up being major issues this season. Now the one saving grace is there could be solid depth here as a pair of rookie (3rd rounder Josh Leribeaus, and 5th rounder Adam Gettis) prospects give some much needed life to the position.

How would you rank the Redskins 7 offensive positions?



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