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For a fun little offseason exercise I thought it would be interesting to look at the order the Redskins 22 projected starters would be selected in an expansion draft. Now the rules for this draft are simple as you are starting from scratch to build your team, so money is no object. Factor in positional value (i.e. OLB is more valuable than DE) as well as age (note: since the Redskins will use a 3rd WR more than a FB, three will be listed as starters). Now since I’m imagining that Robert Griffin will be everyone’s top pick the question is how will you order the 21 remaining starters?

What’s the point you might ask since everyone will end up with the same 22 guys? Well look at it from the point of view that your first 10 picks (plus Griffin) are the cornerstones of your team, the guys that the Redskins can’t survive going forward without them in the lineup for the next few years. I will list the starters then give my list with the reasons why, please include yours in the comments!

Offensive Starters:

LT Trent Williams, LG Kory Lichtensteiger, C Will Montgomery, RG Chris Chester, RT Jammal Brown, TE Fred Davis, WR Pierre Garcon, WR Josh Morgan, WR Leonard Hankerson, RB Roy Helu

Defensive Starters:

LE Jarvis Jenkins, NT Barry Cofield, RE Stephen Bowen, LOLB Ryan Kerrigan, LILB London Fletcher, RILB Perry Riley, ROLB Brian Orakpo, CB DeAngelo Hall, CB Josh Wilson, SS Brandon Meriweather, FS Tanard Jackson

1st pick: Brian Orakpo

-Have to go with impact talent here. Orakpo is the closest thing the Redskins have to a difference maker, and he’s still very young. His ability to pressure the QB is the most important thing for the defense.

2nd pick: Ryan Kerrigan

-Kerrigan has a lot of promise and could be as good as or better than Orakpo. It’s an easy decision to double up on pass rushers here to potentially dominate that area of the game.

3rd pick: Trent Williams

– In terms of current talent level this pick is a reach, but Williams plays the all important LT position and has the potential and youth to still be an impact player.

4th pick: Jarvis Jenkins

-A bit of a reach pick, but you have to go with upside here. Jenkins has the potential to be an impact defensive lineman, which is needed to have an elite 3-4 defense. He’s a huge wild card, but if he pays off he could have a big affect on the production of the rest of the defense.

5th pick: Pierre Garcon

-With slim pickings along the offensive line, I went with a receiver who could match-up well with RGIII. Garcon may not be a true number 1, but he can be pretty productive nonetheless.

6th pick: Barry Cofield

-A 3-4 team relies so much on their NT, and while Cofield isn’t perfect, he’s solid, and will occupy blockers for the LB’s.

7th pick: Roy Helu

-Helu might not be the most talented back, but a strong running game is essential for a young QB, especially one who can be a weapon on the ground himself. Helu can also be a great dump-off safety net for Griffin.

8th pick: Josh Wilson

-Wilson is far from a star corner, but he limits receptions and plays some of his best football inside the red zone. He’s the best the Redskins have got in the secondary, which makes him a top 10 pick.

9th pick: London Fletcher

-Fletcher’s age is the only thing that prevents him from going with the top pick. He might only be around 2-3 more years, but he should be highly productive for that time.

10th pick: Fred Davis

-Davis can be a major weapon in the passing game and a liability in the running game. Obviously his receiving ability wins out, but his not being a complete TE keeps him from being higher on the list.

11th pick: Will Montgomery

-From a talent standpoint Montgomery doesn’t deserve this spot, but he’s the Redskins 2nd best lineman, and a veteran center who can help out a rookie QB, giving him fairly solid value.

12th pick: Stephen Bowen

Bowen isn’t a complete 5 technique defensive end, but he does generate enough pressure to help keep blockers off Brian Orakpo, making him pretty valuable.

13th pick: Leonard Hankerson

-Hankerson is a bit of an unknown, but he also has some of the best potential of any Redskin. He has a nice size speed combo, that could be huge for the offense.

14th pick: Perry Riley

Riley had a nice season last year as he took over the starting job. He’s got some nice upside and athletic ability, but isn’t a finished product.

15th pick: Josh Morgan

-If Morgan returns fully healthy he could be a steal for the Redskins. He has the upside to be a quality number 2 WR.

16th pick: DeAngelo Hall

-With money not being a mitigating factor Hall’s value increases. He’s still too inconsistent to be considered a cornerstone, but does have some big play ability.

17th pick: Chris Chester

-Chester had a poor first year in Washington, but he has the talent to be at least a decent starter. The fact that he was able to stay healthy last season is a boost as well.

18th pick: Brandon Meriweather

-I wouldn’t expect much from Meriweather, but he does have some big play ability and the natural talent to be an impactful player.

19th pick. Kory Lichtensteiger

-Lichtensteiger was off to a promising start last year, but a massive knee injury leaves his future a bit in question. Also prior to last year, he’s never even showed the ability to be a competent starter.

20th pick: Tanard Jackson

Jackson has some big play ability, but he is a woeful tackler and will cost his team a number of plays.

21st pick: Jammal Brown

-Brown is among the league’s worst starting RT’s and is 30+ with a history of injuries.

What do you think?

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