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By DC Staff Writer John Manuel:

The Washington DC pro sports scene has drastically changed in the past 24 months.  Even though its teams have not had the success its fans have waited for, new franchise stars have arrived and now call DC their home.  And with them brings new hope to the Redskins and Nationals.  Some promise to the future of the Wizards and the hope the Capitals can take the next step forward.

Here are my rankings of the top ten biggest stars in DC.  In case you were wondering, Andray Blache finished 178th right behind Leigh Torrance and Jonathan Crompton.

10- Gio Gonzalez:

Gonzalez has been the Nats best starter and possibly their best player this season.  Already showing he is well worth what they gave up.  I may have him too low but he can rise up these rankings in 2013 with a Cy Young on his mantle.  Gio is great for the so/so baseball fan to go see play.  He works fast and will have you on your way home easily in under three hours.

9- Braden Holtby:    

Braden Holtby came onto the DC sports scene quickly this year.

Six weeks ago most of the town barely knew the Caps goalie but after two strong playoff series he became a fan favorite.  Caps fans can look forward to Holtby being the #1 goalie come October unless McPhee makes another move like signing a Tomas Vokoun, but I doubt it.  Holtby’s play the past two seasons has earned him the chance to be the full time #1. I expect plenty of Red #70 jerseys to be all over Verizon by next season.

8- Ryan Zimmerman:

Zimmerman is lower on this list than expected due to the influx of new stars more than anyone.  His consistency for the past seven years had made him the Nationals lone star until Strasburg showed up.  And now that he will be here long term he will continue to be a leader and main focal point of the Nationals organization.

7- Brian Orakpo: 

Orakpo’s only flaw in not being higher on this list is that he doesn’t play offense.  Orakpo has done everything the Redskins have asked, 4-3 D-end, 3-4 outside backer, nickel pass rusher, etc.  There is no way to dislike Brian Orakpo as a person or a player.  And now with Ryan Kerrigan (who could have been 11th) Orakpo’s best stat days should be coming as they master the 3-4 outside rush.

6- John Wall: 

Will John Wall rise up this list if the Wizards improve?

One lock for this list is that Wall would be the only Wizard.  His talent and premier position as a point guard should have him higher, but as of now the Wizards blow.  Hard to have Wall higher when tickets for his games are $3.  Five years ago the Wizards would have owned this list…Arenas, Jamison and Butler all would have been on it.

5- London Fletcher:

If this list was Most Respected DC Pro Athlete, London is number one.  Fletcher’s popularity in the DC area showed strong this past offseason when the 37 year old was a free agent.  Most 37 year olds don’t get resigned but fans were united that the Skins needed London back and he eventually resigned.  Fletcher has personally become one of my top three favorite Redskins even though not being on a team even close to a title.  And I am still pissed about the personal foul on the Tom Brady hit.

4- Stephen Strasburg:

It shows the DC Sports scene has quickly changed when a phenom like Strasburg is four.  The day after his debut after the Pirates he was most likely #1 in this town.  But some injury concerns and the Nationals staff becoming more than just him puts him at four.  Still possibly the most watched and fascinating pitcher in the majors, Strasburg has a long career ahead.  And as the season goes along the shutdown debate will heat up.

3- Alex Ovechkin:      

A couple years ago, Ovi would have been #1 on this list.

Goals and points are down, everyone debates if is still the same player, but I still feel Ovie is a DC sports star.  He is still the best player on the best franchise in DC.  As for production, maybe he won’t put up 65 goals again but let’s wait and see what the new coach brings.  He is still exciting and plays hard every night for the best show in town.  May have been number one a couple years ago but I couldn’t drop him much.

2- Bryce Harper:

Played in less than 30 games and already the second biggest star in DC and one can argue he is number one.  His hype was huge and so far he has shown more than expected.  Everyone felt he would hit but no one expected the speed and arm strength he has shown in the short time he has been up.  I could write more but would just be repeating my old blog.

1- Robert Griffin III:      

The #1 DC Sports Star - Robert Griffin III.

Never played a professional down.  Never taken a snap in even training camp.  RG3 is already the most popular player.  From the monster trade to get him to being the #1 jersey sales in the NFL for May, he is the biggest thing going in DC.  The Redskins have not had a quarterback in this position since Theismann and I would say this is already bigger.  The August 9th preseason opener at Buffalo will most likely be the most watched preseason game in Skins history.  I may have said Harper is #1 until I saw all the coverage from OTAs. Every question to any player or coach was about RG3 and that sold me on how popular and how intrigued everyone is with Griffin.  Hopefully he lives up to it.

How many of these jerseys do you own?  And do you agree with this list and order?





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