How the Redskins can Survive the Cap Penalty in 2013

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Yesterday I broke down what the cap penalty could mean for the Redskins in 2013. Looking at the numbers it became clear that the Redskins are going to have to get pretty creative to get out of this cap mess. I thought it would be good to look at what the Redskins might need to do to get under the cap.

Jammal Brown: 2013 Cap Hit: $5 million

Unfortunately due to the way the contract was structured, if the Redskins were to cut Brown outright next year, they’d take a $4.5 million cap hit (meaning just a $500K savings. Luckily though the Redskins can designate him a June 1st cut (even if they cut him in March). What that means is they can spread out the cap hit between two years. The Skins will only take a $1.5 million cap hit next year, which equals a $3.5 million savings. The down side of that is they will need to take a $3 million hit in 2014. Given their situation though, they can’t get too picky, especially for a player who has grossly under-performed these last two seasons.

Total Savings: $3.5 million

Santana Moss: 2013 Cap Hit $6.3 million

There could be a case for cutting Moss now, as it would save the full $6.3 million next year, but I don’t see the team making that type of move. There are too many question marks right now, that I think they will keep him. The Skins will take a $2.16 million penalty for cutting him next year, but the overall savings of $4 million dollars.

Total Savings: $4.15 million

Chris Cooley: 2013 Cap Hit $5.785

Similar to Moss the Redskins will likely keep Cooley for this year, only to look to release him next year. The team will take a $1.833 cap hit next year though. The Redskins will likely use their savings from Cooley to re-sign Fred Davis.

Total Savings: $ 3.952 million

DeAngelo Hall: 2013 Cap Hit $8 million

Luckily Hall’s contract contains little guaranteed money (just $300K), meaning the Redskins will be able to recoup the majority of his salary to help get them under the cap.

Total Savings: $7.7 million

Brandon Merriweather: 2013 Cap Hit $3.5 million

Merriweather might be a current starting safety, but he’s hardly got a firm grasp on the job. The Redskins would take a $1 million cap hit, but the savings would make it worth it.

Total Savings: $2.5 million

Adam Carriker: 2013 Cap Hit $4.75 million

If Jarvis Jenkins takes over the starting role, the Redskins may not want to spend nearly $5 million on a back-up DE. The Redskins could take two different approaches with this one. If they cut him outright, they will take a $2.25 cap hit and only save $2.5 million. If they designate him a June 1st cut, they’d only take a $750K  cap hit next year ($1.5 million in 2014), and save $4 million.

Total Savings: $2.5 million or $4 million


If the Redskins make all these cuts they will save more than $24 million, which will not only cover their cap penalty, but give them some freedom to re-sign Fred Davis and make a few other moves (mostly finding cheaper replacements). These cuts alone might not be enough, and I’d expect the team to restructure some contracts to free up additional money.It won’t be easy, and it mean a number of fan favorites and starters will be sent packing, but it is necessary for the team’s overall success.


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