Point/Counterpoint: Will Chris Cooley and Santana Moss have roles on the 2012 Washington Redskins?

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By DC Staff Writer John Manuel:

Another Point/Counterpoint.  Who do you agree with?

Question:  Will Chris Cooley and Santana Moss have roles on the 2012 Washington Redskins?

John Manuel:

What will Chris Cooley's role be this season?

They better or the Good Will will be getting around 50,000 jerseys.  For real, for right now I think they do.  The only reason to cut them now is for cap relief and it seems like they have some cap room.  Plus, is there anyone out the now worth signing?  Maybe in a month that changes but for now Shanahan and Co. can at least get a good look at them at mini camps and eventually training camps.

Skins still need a TE and Moss can still contribute as a WR and possibly as a punt returner instead of carrying Brandon Banks.  Steve will now run with the cut Banks thought.  He was right last season.

Steve Shoup:

Haha, jersey sales could be the reason to make the moves as when people get rid of their Cooley/Moss jerseys, sales of Helu, Garcon, Hankerson and Davis will skyrocket. My question with getting rid of Moss and Cooley is…Are they still a necessary part of this team?

On one hand, they have the experience and some leadership, but they are both coming off their worst seasons and have been jumped on the depth chart. The question becomes what is more important for Griffin’s development? (Sidenote: Brandon Banks needs to be cut ASAP, he is a complete waste of a roster spot.)


I would let Griffin at least work with both of these guys a few times to see if they have anything.  Everyone had Steve Smith gone at this time in Carolina last year and it worked out beautifully between him and Cam.  Moss is no Smith now but maybe there can be some chemistry.  I think the #2 and 3 WR spots are wide open and they should at least let him compete.

Cooley’s health will be a major factor what they do with him.  The don’t have the numbers at TE as they do at WR, so I think he sticks for now.  If they would have grabbed a TE in the draft or free agency he may have been a goner.  For now, his future may depend on the Niles Paul experiment.  Shanny seems to really want both of these guys around especially Santana so it will be tough for him to cut either.  Is there anyone out who can help better?


Well the question becomes will these guys have a chance to impart their wisdom on RGIII, or does playing them take away the snaps for the young guys. Niles Paul has only been a TE for about 7 seconds, but he’s already probably the teams best blocker, and he’ll need some work this year if he’s going to have a future here. It’s a thin line that I worry about, given Mike Shanahan’s obsession with veteran wide receivers (ex. see Joey Galloway).

Another issue to consider is the future, while cutting/trading Moss or Cooley (I only see Moss as tradeable) saves little this season, it would clear $12 million off the books for next season, and the Redskins could probably better allot that money to their needs.


And how many targets will Santana Moss get?

And we might need the $12 million depending on the upcoming hearing on the cap issue.  I forgot Joey Galloway was here.  Remember Larry Johnson’s backwards carry vs. Houston?  I would have thought Moss would have been in more likely than Jabar Gaffney to be ousted but the Skins obvious thought different.  Did the Jets bring back Lito Shepard yet?

And we still can’t trust Fred Davis like we can trust the “New” Trent Williams…really don’t want to go there on Mondays’ quotes.  Maybe this should continued post June 1 when another former starting safety gets cut and we need money to sign our 45th of the off season.  Then again, who really cares about these two…we got the Burrito Brothers, RGIII and Kirk Cousins.


Part of me does wonder if this cap gate case does effect the status of guys like Moss and Cooley. Honestly I’d love to see both back and in an ideal world they would be healthy and productive with RG Threescompany, but it could be a tough sale. Regardless of how healthy they are, neither should be counted on as being a top four (possibly 5) target (Garcon, Davis, Helu seem cemented as the top 3, with Morgan/Hankerson right behind them) for Griffin.

After you get past those guys, how many targets will there really be left for Moss/Cooley? And will it be enough for the Skins to justify not only their contracts this year, but the extra savings for next year?


I actually heard a local sports radio personality today predict Evan Royster, not Helu not only will be the Skins #1 back but will win the rushing title.  I feel good about the capgate hearing based on nobody other than Goodell and the 29 owners feel it was right.  And Goodell’s fighting of an arbitrator makes me think he knows they are cooked.  Add to that Jonathan Vilma’s lawyer calling for evidence towards his client in BountyGate, I think Goodell is going to look like the pittyful commissioner he is.

Sorry to go off on that rant, but the way I look at it is if Moss and Cooley can contribute keep em, if they aren’t worth the money cut em…Vinny Cerrato could have gave weak analysis like that on his radio show.


Wow, I hope that radio personality has enrolled in AA. Now I do believe Royster could get 35-40% of the carries, but barring injury I can’t see more than that. Regardless of how much Royster might handicap Helu in terms of rushing yards and TD’s in fantasy leagues, Helu looks to be the top dog in receiving. Despite limited snaps and injury, Helu finished 3rd in the team in receptions last year, and I’d expect his role to increase this year.

In the end I do think Cooley and Moss will get one more shot, in the hopes that their veteran leadership and skill set is valuable enough to justify the cost. I think there is enough uncertainty with the other receivers and tight ends, that will keep Cooley and Moss in burgundy and gold for one more season.

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