Point/Counterpoint: Redskins 3rd & 4th Round Picks?

Washington Commanders

By John Manuel & Steve Shoup:

What do you expect the Redskins will do with their 3rd Round pick and 2- 4th Rounders?


Now that the Redskins officially have Robert Griffin as their new QB, will they use their 3rd round pick to protect him?

Based on last year I could see Mike Shanahan move back again.  Since the 3rd rounder is early, moving to the mid or late part of the 3rd round could get them an extra 4 or even a 2013 3rd rounder.  They know they had to give up a lot to get RG3 so replenishing picks is a must.  Since we can’t afford to trade players who would have values or will ever get compensatory picks (since we always sign more free agents then lose), trading back is the only option.


I agree a trade back philosophy should be in the works for the Redskins, with the only exception being if a higher rated offensive tackle falls to that spot. If they trade back, I’d target the best OT or CB with their 3rd round pick, and the other one with their early 4th round selection. That 2nd 4th round pick should be used on either another offensive lineman or an inside linebacker.


With our issues now at both tackles, I am in agreement.  I do have some confidence in Willie Smith as a backup though.

Still not sold at the running back spot and everyone knows Shanahan never is.  He could have Marcus Allen, Walter Payton and Earl Campbell and take one in the top half of a draft.  So that wouldn’t shock me in rds 3 or 4 if they do that.  Word is they like Chris Polk, but it seems the past 3 years they have liked a lot of possible draftees, like trading up for Blaine Gabbert.

At WR I feel they should go with what we got already but I like your mock draft pick of Marvin McNutt in the 5th if he is there.


I know Willie Smith is a fan favorite, and I do see some LONG term potential with him, but he’s part of the reason that I think a tackle has to be drafted early even if they won’t start at the beginning of the season. If you looked at Willie Smith’s sacks, hits and pressures allowed and extrapolated it across a full season his numbers would be historically bad. So while we can hope for some improvement I don’t think we can rely on him to be on the field at all next season.

As for running back i could see Shanny going back to the well, but my guess is it will be more like a 5th or 6th round priority. Although I worry about spending too many resources on WR if the right guy is there in the 5th round (McNutt being one of them) I would take him. I just wouldn’t take a receiver before the 5th round given how limited snaps he would see behind Garcon, Morgan, Hankerson.


Now you have scared me on Willie Smith.  Although the final games were against players like JPP, Jared Allen and the Eagles two DE’s.  So hopefully it was a good learning experience.

Now I see you can eliminate kicker with the Neil Rackers signing.  Hopefully they have a real kicker battle unlike last year.  Then again Vinny isn’t around to draft a kicker or a punter like Durant Brooks.  Wonder where he is at?


Smith did face a gauntlet of great pass rushers, but most teams in this league have at least one top pass rusher, so I wouldn’t expect it to get much easier.

The Rackers signing is an interesting one. Despite the fact that most people who watched the games (fans and media) blamed those 5 blocked kicks on the offensive line woes, Shanahan was quick last year to blame it on Gano. While I’d like to see Gano have a fair shot at the kicking job, I get the feeling that Rackers would have to kick even worse then Shane Graham to lose this job.


One thing we can agree on that its a whole new ball game with Shanahan and Allen.  Now three years removed from Vinny Cerrato, I have much more confidence during the draft.  Just heard on Baltimore radio that he will be hosting a draft show tomorrow night.  That is if crime is down and the ninjas don’t need his help.  Sargeant Antonelli is always ready to burst out of the war room or radio studio in his sweet denim combo to help stop crime or building a legit football team.

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