Redskins Schedule Breakdown & Prediction

Washington Commanders

By DC Staff Writer John Manuel:

Its always hard to speculate a teams record based on a schedule released in April.  I saw couple analysts last night who had the Skins at 3-13.  Who knows who will get injured, how rookies will impact a team, who Goodell will want to suspend or how many kids Antonio Cromartie will have by September 5th?  But here is my breakdown of the Washington Redskins 2012 schedule game by game.

At New Orleans Saints- September 9:

Caught a huge break here.  RGIII opens in a road game, but the Saints D is poor and should be missing Will Smith and Jonathan Vilma at least, if not more players.  Plus, who will be their head coach this week?  Will Brees even be there?  He probably will, but still not set in stone.  Calling an upset win over the unknown Saints commodity.

At St. Louis Rams- September 16:

Seems like we play the Rams a lot.  Oh yeah, both teams have spent a lot of seasons in 4th place recently.  New coach with a lot of new pieces and they open at Detroit and could be coming off a blowout loss.  Was worried about this game but thinking St. Louis comes in after a blowout and confidence could be low.  Calling a win here also and 2-0.

Cincinnati Bengals – September 23:

Home opener versus a playoff team.  Calling 3-0 I think would be crazy, but I’m not sold on the Bengals.  I see this as a 17-13 type game and a tough loss.  2-1 at this point would have the DC area pretty thrilled about the Skins.  At that point they should have a burial of the past mistakes on the Mall…Cerrato, Haynesworth, McNabb, Duckett, Archuleta, and Zorn as we finally moved on.

At Tampa Bay Buccaneers – September 30:

Raheem Morris gets to play against the players who quit on him last season.  I am sure Shanny will play that one up.  Tampa spent a lot of money but they were so bad last season.  The Skins were bad but the weren’t getting blown out like Tampa did.  The key will be Josh Freeman and if he bounces back.  Rookie coach in Schiano could already be overwhelmed by week 4.  Calling a win and 3-1.

Atlanta Falcons- October 7:

Here’s a playoff team but another one I don’t think is all that.  But they are at this point better than the Redskins.  Our shaky on paper secondary will be scrambling this Sunday.  I don’t like that match up and see a loss to the Falcons.  3-2 would still be good as we now get close to the screwed up part of the schedule.

Minnesota Vikings – October 14:

At first thought win.  But last Christmas Eve the Vikings did come here and win after losing Adrian Peterson and Christian Ponder.  Will Shanahan send just DJ Gomes out as a single captain?  If Ponder plays I think its a win but if we see Joe Webb again I am worried.  Jared Allen chasing RGIII around will be a fun watch also.  Calling a win and 4-2.  And now it gets interesting.

At New York Giants- October 21:

Redskins own the Giants.  Easy win.  Actually I think the two game win streak against the Giants ends here.  And this could be the first game I think we take a 14 or so point loss.  Weird part is that want to mention that RGIII will be overmatched but Rex went in there and won last season.  4-3 at almost the midway point.

At Pittsburgh Steelers – October 28:

Back to back road games against perennial playoff teams with good coaches, whose fans make watching games at bars miserable.  Big Ben will probably be hobbled at this point so there is a chance we can see Charlie Batch.  Who will they have running the ball?  But they still have their defense and we’re on the road so I see a loss.  Although to my old buddy, The Matzie, the Steelers are a 9-7 team at best.

Carolina Panthers- November 4:

Cam…oh Cam……hopefully you will have a sophomore let down by don’t see it happening.  No matter what the records are (I am guessing 4-4 and 4-4) this game will get a lot of hype suiting the past two Heismann trophy winners against each other.  This is almost like the Rock vs. Stone Cold, almost.  Unless one of the QBs are down, then its a Ron Pitts or Chris Myers Fox game.  Skins bounce back and win.  5-4.

Bye Week:
A week for the DC fans to appreciate the 2012 World Series Champion Washington Nationals.

Philadelphia Eagles – Novermber 11:

Obvious first thought.  Vick vs.  RGIII.  Vick isn’t going to be there.  Calling injury, suspension, or Philly fans have turned on Vick by this point.  Even without the potential of Vick playing, this game is a loss.  The Eagles are better at this point and probably leading the division.  Back to .500 at 5-5.  Still wildcard hopes but more focus will be on the development of Griffin at this point.

At Dallas Cowboys- Thanksgiving:

Hopefully Goodell and Demaurice are at this game and the Cowboys change the star on the 50 to a middle finger.  If Dallas wins this game based on a BS pass to Dez Bryant who is covered one on one by Deangelo Hall, not sure what I will do.  Hope is that Jason Garrett is on the hot seat, lost the team and Dallas is in a free fall.  There is a chance, but in reality I think we lose another tough one and fall to 5-6.  Still not out of playoff  race, but would need a Joe Gibbs 5 game run to make the playoffs.  Todd Collins out there?

New York Giants- December 3- Monday Night:

Last time this match-up happened on Monday night it was a debacle.  We had consecutive swinging doors, Sherm Lewis, and Eli threw for like 500 in the first half, and a rout.  Don’t see it this time.  Feel we knock off the champs at home and get back to 6-6.  Calling this game on the one where everyone is convinced RGIII is a franchise QB and a sure bet star.  We got that going for us.

Baltimore Ravens – December 9:

To all my friends who are Ravens fans, suck it!  Ravens got a 3-1 lead in this series but I feel we take this game.  The Ravens will be bringing a legend in Ray Lewis and the NFL’s self proclaimed best quarterback Joe Flacco (if a QB rating of  80 was the pinnacle) to town but the Skins win this game.  7-6 for real?  Didn’t plan this.

At Cleveland Browns – December 16:

NBC flex game?  Surely not.  As of now, teams look even.  I think the Browns will be better than people expect.  Especially if Trent Richardson is in the back field.  I got a loss here on the road.  Due for a bad game and wouldn’t be shocked if we lost a 17-14 game at the Dawg Pound.

At Philadelphia Eagles – December 23:

Remember when we won there 2 years ago even after McNabb ran out of bounds and stopped the clock giving the Eagles a chance to get the ball and they almost won?  We should have cut his out of shape ass the next day.  Redskins lose to Eagles again in what may be McNabb Day at Lincoln Financial since no one on the planet is looking to pick him up.  They retire his jersey only seven years after Terrell Owens retired his manhood.   7-8 with one game left.

Dallas Cowboys- December 30:

Coming in 7-8 we will be looking to the off season but will we be looking to keep Dallas out of the playoffs?  Feel we roll Dallas like 30-13 or something close.  RGIII is settling in as our long term franchise guy while the Cowboys miss the playoffs and are more uncertain on Tony Romo than ever.  8-8.

Finishing 8-8 and with promise for 2013 should bring Mike Shanahan back as coach.  A key for the future will be what happens with the challenge to the $36 million dollar Roger and Demaurice heist.  Getting back at least half of that would be huge for the franchise.  Who knows what will happen, but its fun to speculate.

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