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The most famous celebrities and superstar sportsmen that love to visit casinos

Steve Shoup

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  1. Tiger Woods
  2. Michael Phelps
  3. Toby Maguire
  4. Ben Affleck
  5. Michael Jordan
  6. Phil Ivy
  7. Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo

Although many popular people hide their hobbies, some of them proudly talk about exploits in the casino.

Introducing the TOP of the most famous celebrity players that you can catch during gambling. They love playing in real and best online casinos for money and believe that this is a perfect type of entertainment and leisure.

Tiger Woods

He became interested in gambling after meeting with high roller players like Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. Woods is playing very interesting. At every Las Vegas casino, he has a limit on bets, which is $1 million. At one table, he can make bets worth up to 25 thousand dollars.

Often, he spends time in a casino in the company of the most beautiful girls. By the way, they caused the divorce of Tiger Woods with his legal spouse. And she sued him from 750 million dollars.

Michael Phelps

The famous swimmer, owner of 22 Olympic medals, loves rivalry. In 2012, he was seriously interested in gambling. Michael was guided by the principle of not leaving the game until he won. And once he sat at the gambling table in the Baltimore casino for 8 hours in a row.

Toby Maguire

He never hid the fact that he loves gambling. And by the way, he even earned $10 million on casino games. Most of all, Toby loves poker and often chooses “illegal” gambling places to get a feeling of incredible excitement. By the way, he even once organized an illegal club by himself, in which his star colleagues gathered to play poker and other gambling games.

Ben Affleck

He loves blackjack and poker. Often an actor takes part in championships and he even won one of them. The celebrity never kept silent about his hobbies and shared his victories with fans.

Michael Jordan

In 1993, the athlete said that he loves gambling. He called it as his hobby and honestly admitted that he could afford to spend a lot of money on bets. After that, Michael was often seen at the gambling tables of many casinos.

Phil Ivy

Of course, this person has real poker talent. He often participates in tournaments and even earned a WSOP bracelet. Phil Ivey also loves another game – baccarat, thanks to which he managed to beat as many as two Las Vegas casinos. In one of them, the player earned $ 9.6 million, and in the second, $ 12 million. His gain was facilitated not by luck, but by his ability to observe. The player examined the cards for their smallest manufacturing defects, which allowed to deceive the casino. But, his cunning was proven, so the money was not paid to him.

Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo

The former producer called the casino his main source of income. And this is not surprising. Gonzalo often visits Las Vegas, where he certainly plays roulette. He records the results first, and then calculates the most frequent numbers that roulette wheel shows. This allowed him to earn $1,500,000.

These gambling celebrities are often in the casino and spend money with ease. For them, the game is a way to have a great time and get vivid emotions.



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