5 Effective Tips for New Freelance Writers

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Have you just started your journey as a freelance writer and can’t believe how awesome it is? From the freedom to choose your clients to select rates to set your schedule is just wow. Who wouldn’t want to be an online writer after hearing the unlimited advantages that it offers?

So, what you did when you learned about freelance writing? You searched about it on the internet as much as you could about becoming an online writer. But then you ended up without any clue how to start it.

I want to tell you once I was also in your shoes. A few years ago I started my research on it when I read somewhere about freelance writing. It took a lot more time because no one was available to guide me. To get you started, I have come up with several tips to help you out. By reading these tips, you don’t know how much you can potentially succeed as a freelance writer.

Below are several tips all freelance beginners should know to get started.

1.      Create Your Blog and Update it

You need a blog to give a start to your dreams. It is a platform from which help you to get clients. I visited many freelance writers’ websites to see their blogs but they don’t update it regularly. I want you to update your website daily because it is an effective way to attract your target audience.

I know you want to ask why it is important. As you would not samples when you start freelance writing, your website will serve as your portfolio. The second advantage is that it improves your writing because writing improves our writing. When you produce a piece of paper daily, you will see a noticeable improvement in your writing.

2.      Choose Writing Niche

I think it should be the first point. When you start working as a freelance writer, try to identify which type of writing, you’re more comfortable with. In this way, you will be more likely to attract more traffic. For example, if you are good at academic writing, you can be a good essay writer. College students always need expert and professional writers to buy assignments, custom essays, or research papers.

3.      Marketing Planning

Creating a marketing plan is what will help every new freelance writer stay in business. Because one or two clients are not enough to make your business sustainable. By reading the following tips, you will get an idea of how a marketing plan helps to achieve your goal.

  • Start with guest posting
  • Leave comments under the posts of websites you want to write for
  • Active yourself on social media

4.      Time Management

Time management is something most writers overlook. When they started to get work, they find it hard to manage time. Remember, if you do not respect your commitments, you’ll start to lose your clients.

5.      Networking with Other Writers

When you start your freelance journey, make some links. Try to reach other freelance writers and ask them about clients or rates. Having links with professional writers who know the rules and tricks to get success in this field will be helpful.

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