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Can You Beat Up The Casino?

Steve Shoup

Walking down the aisle towards your favorite casino, the question lingers at the back of your mind. All you can get as an answer is another question. Can you beat the casino at its own game? Well, many have done it and from it, arose the different method in which one can get a win in various sports.

You have to keep in mind that casinos are business ventures. Games are designed for betting and winning is only through luck. However, with a few legal tricks up your sleeve, it is very accurate. You can beat the casino at their game. Here is how you can achieve this:

  • Card counting

Using this method, you can track the different card values for all the cards on the casino table. The trick is to follow issued cards, remaining cards on the table and to know the winning odds at hand. With that, you know which card you need to win and the number of wagers to place to get the card.

  • Roulette physics

It is all about ball location before the wheel is spun, the speed in which the motor is rotating and the time the roulette ball is let go. You can increase your winning odds with this information. However, most of us already know that roulette is pure luck.

  • Card shuffles

It is a form of card counting that involves following a specific line of cards at the gaming table. In card shuffles, you track card values and can differentiate high cards from low cards. With these, you already know the top cards and their benefits, which significantly improve your winning chances.

  • Focus and discipline

These are the two fundamental functions for any gambler aiming to beat the casino. The casino aims at undermining your concentrate with the provision of different distractions, i.e. beautiful casino ladies, drinks and other rewards during the game etc. avoid these at all costs. If planning to leave at nine in the evening, leave then and do not be persuaded to stay longer. They want you to play more, lose more and go beyond what you planned.

Why does the house always win?

Casinos are business entities, and like any other firm, they want to make a profit. Therefore, you playing on their casino floor and other live games, among others, are already a profit for them. However, even though players play and some wins, the casino still enjoys huge winnings with every game. The question everyone has is why does the house never lose? Let us tell you why that is the case:

  • Casinos are designed to catch any cheaters

Casinos are obsessed with the security of their money and catching cheaters is one of them. Remember, any cheating leads to significant losses, and business hate such loss. That is the reason behind watchful casino security personnel and staff members, CCTV cameras installation, highly advanced and recent security technologies, among others.

  • Convictions to stay and to play longer

Casinos interior ambiance inhibits an individual’s ability to tell the time. It does not matter whether it is two in the morning or afternoon. The feeling is still the same, and the adrenaline will yet rush through you.

  • Casinos make the game rules

Each casino has unique rules in regards to different casino games. Therefore, they govern how you play, when you get a win and how much you wager with each game. They indicate the odds for each game or sport and the rules governing each wager.

  • House edge

The house advantage is designed to give benefits to the casino from any wager you place. What many do not know is the position applies to any bets you place while in the casino and for that specific game.

Why continue to play?

Casino games are not only entertaining; they are also a means of earning an income. Besides, individuals want to have fun while making extra cash and casinos provide precisely that!


Casino apply tricks that will entice you to keep playing hoping you will lose more. However, with the above tips, you can enjoy the games as you win big.



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