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Top NFL Slot Games

Steve Shoup

Waiting for an NFL match to start can be such an anxious and eager feeling, the excitement can sometimes be too much to contain and you begin to get impatient. Well, that eagerness can be removed, and you don’t have to wait for the next NFL game to start in order to witness some great, game changing moments.

NFL slot games allow you to experience the thrill and excitement of American Football 24/7, anywhere you want. These American football slots are great ways to watch your favourite players and favourite teams potentially win you a lot of money!

Thanks to freespinsbonuses.co.uk, we can showcase to you the best NFL slot games for you to play. These slot games can be played anywhere at any time, so you no longer have to wait for an NFL game to start when you can play your own game.

Best NFL Slots

Below, you can find the best NFL slot games for you to experience. These online slots can be played at a range of casinos, which you will find at freespinsbonuses.co.uk.

Gridiron Glory

This is one of the most recommended slot games to customers when considering a football slot game. You can actually find this game at the top of a few online casinos. This slot really gives you the sense and feel as though you were in the stadium watching an NFL game. You have great sound effects, which include crowd cheering, the referee blowing his whistle, cheerleaders dancing and also music playing through the stadium speakers. This slot game has been mobile optimised so that you can access it on both web and mobile casinos.

The symbols included in this slot game have relation to the theme, there’s players, referees, cheerleaders, football and more. This slot game has a magnificent 243 ways to win. Bonuses in Gridiron Glory include free spins, multipliers and cascading reels. If you are lucky enough you could potentially land a 250x multiplier.

Pigskin Pay-Out

This NFL slot game is a very humorous type of slot. Rival Gaming are responsible for the creation of this excellent slot game. What they have tried to do is include different aspects of American Football, in terms of the whole experience, not just the game itself. To do this, they have included some creative slot symbols, such as nachos and a beer, a referee, a mascot, a blackboard with tactics on, a foam finger, the ball, a quarterback and also a linebacker. The wild symbol for this slot game is a cheerleader and the stadium symbol are the scatter.

The bonus features included in this slot game is a free spins bonus, which can be massively rewarding, and you can receive a total of 25 free spins at a time. Every spin of a free spin is guaranteed a win! All of the wins are subject to a 3x multiplier, giving you even bigger rewards.

1st Down

1st Down is an NFL slot game that has possibly the best graphics of all of the NFL slots, in our opinion. A lot of the other slots go for more simplistic, cartoon graphics, however this slot take a different approach. This slot game is powered by Inspired Gaming, a slot developer that have created some excellent slots in the past, and this one is another to add to the collection.

When you first load up the online slot, you are asked to choose a team. The teams that you can choose between include: Bobcats, Cyclones, Diablos, Stags, Stormers, Comets, Sabres and the Haws! Once you have chosen a team, the symbols on the slot reels are determined by the team you have chosen. For example, if you chose the Diablos, you will get symbols consisting of the Diablos logo, Diablo players, Diablo Helmet and the whole theme of the slot will be red, really giving you a sense of support for this team.

The bonus features that you can experience in this slot game include a multiplier which can be of the value of 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x or 10x. The jackpot symbols, however, can help you receive 15x your stake, which is the biggest reward of them all.


As you can see, these are some excellent NFL slot games. These slot games have low to medium variances, which means that there are frequent rewards when you spin. The multiplier bonuses included are great little bonuses which may give you a not so little reward! These games can be quite humorous and are extra ways to enjoy the beautiful game. If you are interested in trying out some of these slots, then take a look at the different casinos that can offer you them, which you will find at freespinsbonuses.co.uk.



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