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Diehard Sports Fans can Voice their Expert Opinions with Fanspeak Interactive Tools

Steve Shoup


When you are a saavy sports fan, you don’t stop being the regular fan who just watches it on the match day. You will love to make predictions based on research and analysis. For such a sports fanatic, fanspeak has created a platform to make predictions that are highly interactive. It provides you with all the required tools that need to make predictions more accurate or closer to what expert does. Best thing about using fanspeak is that can you make predictions or mock drafts on your own being an expert sports analyst just like the ESPN and Yahoo.


Though this sports website was first conceptualized only for football fans, it has now evolved to cater the needs of all major sports and leagues that include:


  • Major League Baseball
  • National Football League
  • NBA League
  • National Hockey league and much more.


Premium tools for NFL, NBA and NHL that matter


Simulating a mock draft is an ongoing process. You need to keep track of the changes and create more based on player rankings from cheat sheets. Free tools are available in the internet that allows fans to simulate drafts for the fantasy sports leagues. But then it is of no use when you are practicing for the future to create your perfect mock draft. Every fan of these sports will have one or more favorite teams. Fanspeak has power rankings simulator tool for NBA, NHL and MLB whereas it has on the clock premium tool to create drafts for NFL, NBA and NHL. In addition fans can also get access to number of add-ons such as Hall of fame and Best Daily Fantasy Plays for the National Football League.


Manage your Team with Ultimate GM tool

Sports team management is where fanatic fans can unleash their skills and compare them with real decisions from their favorite sports teams. What more a fan can ask than making a draft as Ultimate GM? With premium purchase of GM simulator, users can exploit all the available resources including the ‘Manage the Cap’ free agency and ‘On the Clock’ premium account. It has now been improved with plenty of databases and more importantly premium account can be used year long.  Fantasy leagues are all about strategies and predictions; similarly to make most out of sports betting, you can try Efirbet which is reputable and trustworthy.


Share what your NFL team needs


Every fan will have their own strategy and we often see they criticize wrong moves from their team managers. As a diehard NFL fans, you can have your opinion shared on what your team currently needs to move further up the ladder. It is pretty simple to do with the Fanspeak ‘Team needs user Voting Tool’. After creating your user account, check the user voting simulator to select the team that you need to vote. Selecting your team will lead to list of pressing needs. There you can rearrange the needs based on expertise and submit to share your opinion online.



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