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NFL Teams That Will Wind up Playing for 2020 Draft Picks

Steve Shoup

Every team in the NFL kick start the season equally. But then the truth of the matter is that other teams have to dig deep in order for them to succeed. The team’s performance highlight if they are going to finish on a high come the end of the football season. It’s quite interesting how everyone will be waiting for season outcome. And there are some teams that will be aiming to make sure that they reach the playoffs and compete at the top level with other big guns in the NFL. Every team wants to make it to the playoffs but the reality is that most teams will likely be making a run at high draft position. Let’s take a closer look on teams that will be aiming to for draft picks.

Arizona Cardinals

According to online sports betting australia, the Arizona Cardinals has gone all out and included Kyler Murray along with Kliff Kingsbury. The two prolific players are also accompanied with a vibrant group of young wing receivers. However, the sad part is that Kingsbury has not won seven games in a season since the beginning of 2015.

Detroit Lions

The Lions still find it difficult to get it right on many occasions. You might not believe it that last season they achieved their first double-digit loss since 2012. With this kind of run you would wonder why Matt Patricia left the New England. Well, maybe he left to make that he secure a lot of real money.

The New York Giants

The Giants carried a second and sixth draft pick in the first round of the last two seasons. This is just a sad reality and you can tell how bad things have been in New York. It’s quite embarrassing, isn’t it? The best way of getting rid of embarrassment is by playing online casinos usa games for real money and win big anyway. All you need to do is to place your bets and you will be in it to win it!



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