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The european soccer clubs are willing to spend billions on transfers

Steve Shoup

Another transfer madness awaits Europe. Top clubs from England, Spain, Italy and France are ready to surpass all record amounts spent on soccer players.


Barcelona is one step away from summer’s first big transfer: one of the leaders of the France National Football Team, Antoine Griezmann might join the club. The bookmakers were quite cynical about this transfer, setting the odds at «-189» that the striker would stay in Atletico Madrid. The transfer to Barcelona was estimated at «+160». The Catalans will pay for the player $135-170 million. However, PSG has also set sights on Griezmann, still hoping to assemble a team capable of winning the Champions League.


PSG also makes claims for one of the best goalkeepers in the world – David de Gea from Manchester United. The Transfermarkt estimates the Spaniard to be worth at least $80 million, but the real figures are much closer to $100 million. The bookmakers set the odds of his transfer at «+150». However, Real Madrid also wants to get the goalkeeper. The club intends to strengthen the goal line. The odds on this one are at «+ 550».


Apart from the Spanish goalkeeper, Real Madrid would like to buy the leader of the Brazilian National Team Neymar and the world’s best young player Kylian Mbappé. However, it’s quite unlikely that both of these transfers will take place immediately since Neymar and Mbappé represent the same club – PSG. Both are worth at least $225 million. Hardly any Parisian will agree losing two leaders at once. Mbappé has already been proposed to extend his contact, and of these two aims, the problematic Neymar seems the most practicable.


An almost done deal can be considered the transfer to Real Madrid of the leader of Chelsea and captain of the Belgian National Team Eden Hazard. The odds for this event are «-150». According to AS, the transfer will be announced after the Europa League Final, and the amount that the Spanish club will pay vary from $110 million to $120 million.


«England has the best coaches but the best players are in Spain,» former soccer star Ruud Gullit said. «And those players decide what will happen in a game. What are the rumours now about Hazard? If Chelsea could keep him, it would be massive. But if Real Madrid is calling, what would you do? You have to keep him. You need the world-class player. The individual players, they still make the difference».


In order to renew and strengthen the line-up, Real Madrid is willing to sacrifice several of its current players and sell them more expensive. Madrilenians are ready to sell Gareth Bale, Isco and Toni Kroos. Their total transfer value is estimated at $235 million, and what’s more interesting is that this exact same amount of money is ready to spent PSG on its reinforcement. However, the bookmakers doubt that the expensive and not always justifying his price Bale will be able to find another club. Bookmakers consider that the player will stay in the current club and set the odds at «-167».


The players of the main sensation of the European football season – the Ajax Amsterdam are in great demand. Three main stars of the club – André Onana, Frenkie de Jong and Matthijs de Ligt might join Barcelona. Rumor has it that Lionel Messi himself insisted on buying all three of them. At the same time, Barcelona is trying to sell Felipe Coutinho, whom the club had previously bought from Liverpool for $135 million, and now nobody needs him for that kind of money.


But not only Messi chooses his future partners. The same does his main rival – Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus. He insists that the management of the Italian club buys Toni Kroos, Raphaël Varane, Isco and James Rodríguez from Real Madrid, Marcus Rashford from Manchester United and Kostas Manolas from Roma. How much will this «shopping» cost for Juventus is a scary thought. But the club failed to fulfill its main task for the season – the victory in the Champions League, and the championship in Italy no longer brings such satisfaction. Therefore, we will be expecting purchases from Juventus as well.



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