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Why Being Yourself in College Really Matters

Steve Shoup

Today’s students face serious challenges while at college. They have to attend classes, do a lot of homework assignments, and take tests. Besides, they are engaged in extracurricular activities that contribute to the well-rounded development of their personalities. Many students believe that to get most of their college experience, they need to have a lot of friends. Really, nobody wants to be alone. Therefore, you may spend a lot of time trying to impress a lot of people, and that can be stressful.

When you become an adult, you are expected to follow society’s expectations and live life like everyone else. While at college, you are supposed to have your life figured out: select a major and complete a lot of papers in all classes to earn your degree (luckily, you order affordable papers, if you struggle with your writing or can’t find enough time to meet deadlines). You are expected to join a club or organization on campus, sorority, or fraternity. And of course, you need to get a job to pay your bills. Oftentimes, you need to pretend to be someone who you are not and do something you don’t want to, and it makes you miserable and unhappy. Being fake may get you a few friends for a short period of time, but you need long-lasting friendships with people who share your interests. And the truth is you can’t make them with people who don’t like real you. People who truly care about you will not ask you to shove things that are important to you because that will decrease your confidence and make you unhappy.

You should always be yourself if you want to reach your fullest potential. All people are unique. We all have our own talents, passions, and experiences. We can use our talents to get what we want, but we can’t sacrifice ourselves to do so. If you try to act like someone you are not to make an impression on other people, you change as a person. You start living according to the beliefs and values of others. By changing your thoughts and beliefs, you become a fake person who tries to please other people instead of enjoying your own life and doing what is natural for you. Remember: you are special, and that’s why you stand out from the crowd.

We should always live in accordance with our own beliefs and values, or we can lose ourselves. Don’t worry about the opinions of other people. You can’t control their thoughts or change them, or you shouldn’t care much about what they think about you. They judge you no matter what you do, so why should you care? You should respect yourself and live a life in accordance with your own principles, no matter what other people may think about you and your behavior. Don’t let other people change your identity if you like who you are. Being yourself is the only thing that matters. Of course, people change as they grow older, and chances are you can become a different person over time. But that might happen not because you want to be like other people around you. These changes would be absolutely natural.

The outside world tries to influence who you are, so it’s not easy to be yourself. You need courage to be authentic and true to yourself, which means to behave according to your true values, beliefs, and thoughts. Yet recent research shows that the key to a happy life is authenticity. So if you want to be happier, it’s high time you should start introducing more authenticity into your daily life. Be yourself!



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