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The history of online gambling

Steve Shoup

The online gambling business is growing rapidly throughout the years. Where Since the launching of the internet and this online gambling industry is growing day by day and creating new revenues and income to all the people who are involved in it, creating new methods and technologies for players to enjoy the best online casino sites starting from new designs and online games and ending with facilitating new methods to play in the best online casino sites like mobile compatibility, safety, licenses and payment methods. You will be fascinated by the stages of this brilliant worldwide online gambling business history.

The beginning of online gambling

Online gambling flourished after the beginning of the online era, a bit later after the beginning of online trend many online casinos entered the market and became very popular. According to several references, casino sites started working back in 1994 in South Africa, but they accepted payments only in cash and they lacked many features in terms of money transfer, mobile compatibility and many other, but in the two years that followed a new event happened in the business of online gambling with the emerging of the gambling license when the Caribbean country of Antigua and Barbuda changed its gambling license to allow foreign players to play in it. This decision has changed the way of gambling online. A year later two companies started to change the strategies and tactics of this game by facilitating the means to make it possible for anyone to enter the world of online gambling. Microgaming started developing the first online gambling software, Cryptologic created the encrypted communication protocol which allowed users to securely transfer money from their countries and accounts to the casino software. These developments gained this industry a huge advantage, shaped the way of this industry and started a new online gambling era.

The most popular developers of online casino games

Soon after the launch of the first online casino back in 1996, it became obvious that the internet is full of those gambling sites which strived to be the best in this field and to gain the largest number of new players to its sites. Many casino sites used a third-party technology provider to design their gambling products and the market became quickly very competitive with many operators trying to be the best by contracting with such technology providers. Microgaming products have the largest share of the market with its genuine products and varied games. NetEnt products are so famous with their innovative games and brilliant designs. Chartwell which was acquired back in 2011 and is involved in sports betting and poker. GigaMedia which is involved in massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Real Time Gaming which was acquired in 2007 and working with a number of casino operators. Playtech which started back in 1999 and which has a share of probably every game in every online casino operator and many other providers which dominated this industry with their top performing content like progressive jackpots, themed slots, table games, poker video, live casino, multiplayer games, and many others.

Nowadays and the future of online gambling

It is obvious that online gambling industry is changing every day with new technology development added to the game and other features like mobile compatibility to allow players to play from any place they desire, supporting different types of currencies and languages, and so many other developments that vary from one casino to another.

Many studies revealed that online gambling made about $56.05 billion in 2018 and will reach revenues of 1$ trillion by 2021. It is evident that new technologies have positively influenced the business of online gambling making it easier to be accessible at any time and providing all the means to make the experience more enjoyable to all players.

the world is set to see more growth in this industry, where providers are aiming to focus on utilizing new technologies to provide the ultimate experience.

Online players will soon enjoy their favorite games in a much closer view through virtual reality technology. This new technology will make a major change in the online gambling business, many powerful technology providers companies like Microgaming and NetEnt will power their games with this technology to shape a new form of online gambling and to make this industry more competitive.



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