Top 7 Sports You Have Not Even Heard About


Amazing competitions are held all around the world. Take a look at these seven unusual sports you probably have never heard about.

Seven Unusual Sports That Will Surprise You

It is unlikely that there are people in the world who have not heard about football, tennis, and basketball. These sports are well-known in almost all countries. And, many sports fans keep a close eye on these particular competitions.

However, in the conditions of everyday reality, you might have difficulties in keeping track of everything that happens in world sports. Meanwhile, little known national and local sports happening off the beaten path deserve equal public attention.

If you think you know everything about sports, take a look at this selection of some extraordinary types. You have no idea how many of them there are in the world and how different they are!

Some people’s creative approach to sports competitions will not leave you disinterested. Here, you can surely find the types of sports unknown to you. Nevertheless, these sports are not that well recognized and have been successfully developing without you even noticing it. (If you found us because you need to write about a similar topic. We suggest you use bestcustomwriting to get the best essays on this subject.)

1. Slamball

It presents a team sport derived from basketball. The teams consist of 4 players each. But, unlike the basketball court, the field for this game has trampolines that help athletes jump high and put the ball into the hoop using a slam-dunk technique.

In total, there are eight trampolines (four at each side next to the hoops). Similarly to basketball, points are counted when the ball gets in the hoop of the opposing team, but the scoring system in slamball is slightly modified. Also, certain body checks, including blocks, collisions, and rough physical actions are also allowed here.

2. Polyathlon

This sport is composed of all-around competitions, both for summer and winter time. Summer polyathlon encompasses running for short and long distances, swimming in the open and in-door pools, throwing balls and prop grenades, shooting pneumatic and small-caliber weapons, and gymnastics.

Winter polyathlon comprises ski racing, shooting pneumatic guns, and strength exercises that include pulling up on a crossbar or push-ups. Polyathlon is recognized in many countries at the official level as a non-Olympic sport.

3. Aquathlon (Underwater Wrestling)

Aquathlon is a contest between two athletes that fight under water. Their goal is to get hold of the tape, attached to their rival’s ankle while fighting underwater and holding their breath.

Two other types of this sport are known as aquathlon gymnastics and combat aquathlon.

The first one involves underwater exercises and acrobatics, as well as training on specific undersea simulators. The combat version is mainly fighting and includes grabbing and gripping techniques. It is also used in the training of rescuers and soldiers of special armed forces.

4. All-Around Marine

This sport consists of a set of different games, in which athletes compete in swimming freestyle, shooting a small-caliber rifle, and running for a distance of 1.5 km. Also, there are two competitions that are held in the water area — rowing the sea boats for 2km and sailing races on six-oar yawls. At present, all-around maritime is not included in the roster of sports presented at the Olympic or World Games. However, it is officially recognized in many countries.

5. Football on Ice


This strange game originated in Germany, where its irregular championships take place at present. For all the time of its existence, there were only two championships organized In Germany in 2009 and 2015.

The teams consist of 7 players each, including goalkeeper and one substitute player. Players must wear bowling shoes. The gate size is 3 to 2 m. If the game ends with a draw, a series of penalties is assigned, which consists of three attempts for each team.

6. Yukigassen

This is a Japanese snowball game. At the end of the 20th century, Japanese sports enthusiasts have decided to make this well-known winter fun an official sport. Yukigassen can be translated as “snow battle.”

Despite the simple rules of the game, it is crucial to be physically fit and have a strategic mindset. The main goal of this sport is to capture the flag of the opposing team by removing it from the stand and knocking out rival players with snowballs. Recently, there was a discussion about the possible inclusion of this sport in the Winter Olympic Games.

7. Sepak Takraw

Sepak takraw or foot volleyball is an amazing and spectacular sport that has conquered Southeast Asia. The homeland of this game is considered Thailand. What differs it from volleyball is the use of a rattan ball.

Also, players can only use their feet, knees, chests, and heads to hit the ball. If there is no suitable site with a volleyball net, a simplified option of the game can be adopted. In this case, players of two teams strive to keep the ball in the air as long as possible, passing it to each other. The same way as in other sports, players have to demonstrate a masterful technique of ball handling. Nowadays, sepak takraw is acknowledged and recognized widely in the world.



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