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Legalized U.S. Sports Betting Boosts Demand for Live Score Data

Steve Shoup

Legalization of sports betting in the U.S. has opened the doors to new opportunities, with demand for sports data API providers at the top of the lists of entrepreneurs getting in the game. Whether starting a new betting or sports fantasy website, or launching a new betting or fantasy themed show with a need for a live score ticker, live score data is the fuel that drives this industry.


Given the new era of sports betting developing and flourishing in the U.S., the value of live sports data is on a rocketing trajectory. On the back end, sports data feed providers are becoming a hot commodity, constantly fine-tuning capabilities to be able to deliver specific data API solutions being queried by the market.


Reliability, or lack thereof can be costly considering the importance of having accurate data and having it in real time. In this business, money on the line, literally and figuratively. Not being able to have accurate, up to the second information is a huge problem.


Demand for second-by-second live score data is more prevalent than ever

The data being sought keeps evolving, thus score data API providers must continue to develop their product or be left behind. Take gambling operators for instance. Scores alone don’t cut it anymore. To be able to fully monetize sports betting today, it’s necessary to offer wagers on a play-by-play basis. In-game betting is now the norm. Second-by-second data is a requirement. Exactly when a goal is scored, how it was scored, who scored it, from what distance, or what the next play will be produces an abundant of betting opportunities, leading to more interest and money being wagered.


Finding the right sports feed data provider

A sports data feed provider such as Goalserve, one of the leaders in this field with over 15-years of experience, can provide the live sports data solutions necessary in this blossoming industry. A model provider with a unique value proposition servicing clients worldwide.

  • Data feeds for fixtures, live scores, live game statistics, pregame and in-play odds, fantasy games, head-2-head, and historical.
  • Customized sports data api solutions based on clients needs with ability to deliver to any information architecture and platform.
  • Data for over 20 sports including all major and popular sports and leagues across the globe.
  • Flexible and special package options include US sports package covering all major sports – NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL, college sports, PGA, and NASCAR.
  • Delivery in any format including XML and JSON, and it can also be retrieved via HTTP, Sockets, FTP, and PUSH technologies.
  • Compatibility with any system or platform, in over 20 languages, and 24/7/365 support.




US sports betting ruling paving way for more competitive live score API market

This flourishing industry has accelerated in the U.S. and driven by the Supreme Court ruling last year that reversed the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act stating that states were not allowed to permit sports gambling. Now they can, anywhere in the United States. And they didn’t waste any time!


In less than a year, eight states now offer sports gambling with more on the way, including New York. The next big thing to come? In stadium and arena wagering. It’s been happening in Europe and on its way to the U.S. Washington D.C. has already approved gambling in stadiums and arenas while in New York legislation is in the works to allow in-person wagering in places like Yankee Stadium and Madison Square Garden.



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