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Steve Shoup

April is not far. This means that the 2019 NFL Draft is almost here. Finally, something worthwhile to look forward to.

An year ago, the big story was the fact that the Jets ended up trading three second round picks which no one had foreseen it coming. The same Jets were also surprisingly able to swap a first rounder with the Colts, a move that saw Sam Darnold going the other way.

So what is going to be the big story and surprise of 2019?

So far, the talking point seems to rotate around Kyler Murray and you can expect this discussion to not end up any time soon.  In fact, Kyler Murray has been so buzzed up that everyone is waiting to see where he lands.

While many people are waiting to see where Murray will land, there are those who question if Murray made the right decision to go for the NFL.  Murray could have easily chosen to go the baseball way or chosen any other sport, but he surprised many when he announced that his heart is with the NFL.

While no one doubts his talent, there have been an increased level of mediocrity for most candidates in recent years where the low points have been disappointingly short. In fact, it is an undisputed fact that for every emerging Cam Newton there would always be a Matt Leinart.

The question then remains: where does Murray fits into this debate? Murray clearly thinks that he is the guy to change the NFL tide. Not only did he make his decision as bold as possible but he announced that he is going to do things differently in the football arena.

But is he really the guy to change the tide? Currently, he is unsurprisingly drafted in the first round which means that the Dolphin would with a doubt start him. For a team like Washington, they would have to weigh his chances with that of Alex Smith. The Raiders and Jaguars will also be in the mix as no one knows what decision they may end up making. Remember this is NFL where anything and everything is possible. In fact, teams that have the best quarterbacks are always on the hunt of a new quarterback.

But everyone is entitled to their opinions. One thing for a fact is that Kyler Murray will without a doubt be among the top ten picks in the coming 2019 NFL Draft. But the question then remains who are likely to be the other nine candidates.

Nick Bosa who is highly buzzed and considered as one of the best players in this draft would more than likely go No. 1. This means that the Ohio State player would more than likely be taken by the Arizona Cardinals who have a desperate need for someone outside the defensive prowess.

Almost every pundit is projecting that Josh Allen would land in Indianapolis. This is a rumour which the Colts will have to prove right on the final day.

Jon Gruden and Mike Moyock take the task of organizing the Oakland Raiders and may take the approach of having an outside pass rusher. After already securing the services of P.J and Maurice Hurst, it means that the services of Clelin Ferrell would suit them better.

Greedy Williams is more than likely to go the Buccaneers or will be at least one of the high prospects to be considered by Buccaneers’ board.

While the Giants have their sight on Eli Manning, they are more than likely to take in the services of Dwayne Haskins.

With the Jaguars being in search of youth to boost their defensive line up, Ed Oliver would be more than likely to be the one picked.

On the other hand, Buffalo needs some help going forward and considering that Jonah Williams has previous working experience with Brian Daboll means that Williams may finally find himself on the starting lineup of the Bills.

Bengals are searching of an addition to its weak linebacker and Devin White energetic prowess would suit them just fine.

Lastly, the Lions seem more likely to acquire the services of Rashan Gary as the team appears keen on upgrading its frontline.

While there are many candidates who would compete for the top ten pickups this is just a mock draft. Nothing will be complete until the final Draft day. Just remember this is NFL and the plot twists can always happen!



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