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Pros and cons of launching an advertising campaign on the Internet

Steve Shoup

Today, the internet has become the center of attraction for the entire world. The people are becoming more and more dependent on it. In such a scenario, if you want to increase your brand awareness and profits, online advertising is an important marketing strategy that you definitely can’t afford to miss.


For example, you want to advertise your assignment doing service online. There are many platforms where you can run your advertising campaigns such as social media, display, video, search, and cross-channel ads, etc.


But, before you invest your time and money in launching your own advertising campaign, it is very important to consider the various pros and cons associated with them.


Pros and cons of online advertising campaigns


Just like traditional means of advertising such as newspapers and TV, the online advertising campaign has advantages and disadvantages.


So, let’s get started.




1.      It is cost-effective


To launch an effective advertising campaign, you need very less start-up capital.


Compared to the traditional form of advertisements such as newspapers, TV or radio, which may cost you a lot of bucks, online banners are relatively inexpensive. This is because you don’t have to bear the cost of reprinting and redistribution.


You can easily run ads on Google, Facebook and other websites with just a little amount of money.


2.      Online ads are easily changeable


One of the advantages of internet advertising campaign over traditional advertising is that you can easily change your online ads. When there is a need to change your online ads, you can easily do so by changing HTML codes that were used to create that ad.


3.      It helps to reach out a wider range of potential customers, both locally and globally


Nowadays, more than half of the population is on the internet all the time. It is because of this reason that your online ads are more likely to reach out to a wider population beyond your local region and also in various countries.



4.      It helps to generate more leads


With an internet advertisement, your brand is more likely to achieve a worldwide presence. As it widens its reach on the internet, it attracts more prospects which can turn into leads. These leads can further convert into potential customers, which ensure more profits.


5.      Online advertisements can run for a long period


While traditional advertising campaigns run for a brief span, online ads can run for a longer period ensuring long-term successful results.


6.      It is measurable


In traditional advertisements, you can’t easily measure how many people see your ad or tell if they’re the right people. And, even if your ad does go to the right people, it’s hard to make sure you reach them at just the right moment. In such cases, Internet advertisements can be your savior.


In online advertising, you can easily measure and track the performance of each campaign with the help of various diagrams. These diagrams can tell you about various activities like leads and conversion ratio, traffic growth, etc.




1.        Advertising overload


One disadvantage of using the internet as an advertising medium is advertising overload. Every business wants to advertise his/her brand online and attract consumer attention. Due to this, there is a large amount of clutter on most web pages. Many users find this irritating and choose to ignore these ads. This can ultimately affect the profits of your business.


2.        Not everybody uses the Internet


Not all of your prospective customers are on the internet. Or, there may be some who might just not be present online at the moment. Moreover, there are many households which may not have access to the internet at their homes. Due to this, it is not possible for every business to profit from internet advertising campaigns.


3.        There is a fierce competition


Fierce competition is one of the disadvantages of internet advertisements. Almost everybody is aware of the importance of the Internet as an advertising medium. There are plenty of brands already running their online campaigns. And, if your campaign doesn’t stand out from the rest, people may choose to ignore your offer.


4.        Users can easily block advertisements


There are many internet browsers which offer the option to block almost all types of advertisements such as affiliate ads, brand ads, link ads, etc. This means that if people click on this option, they will never be able to see any of your ads, no matter what you do.


5.        It distracts people from their goals


Well, here we’re not talking about life goals. We’re talking about the goal of a person for being online. For example, a student is reading something on an informational website and suddenly his attention is diverted towards an ad about a new game. Obviously, he’ll want to click on it, right? He might be enjoying this moment of distraction. But, in reality, it is just wastage of time. Thus, it is really ineffective sometimes to click on internet advertisements.



Thus, you can see that the internet has revolutionized how advertising works. Even with its disadvantages, the internet is becoming a favorite tool for many business owners and marketers to advertise their goods and services.


Just remember, there are a lot of marketing options to choose from, and the internet should probably be on your list. And, with proper research and understanding, you can reap all its benefits.



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