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How To Keep Up With The NFL While Traveling

Steve Shoup

People who aren’t football fans just don’t understand. Even when traveling, we need to keep up with the NFL. It may be that we’re in a place we’ve never been before, having experiences that others would only dream of. But we don’t want to miss out on the big matches.


Unfortunately, there are many obstacles in the way. From the time difference, to sightseeing, to lack of coverage, it’s tough to keep up. Some matches you simply have to miss, and others will be touch-and-go.


But there are some steps you can take to make sure you miss as little as possible.


Research In Advance


Even those who are good at maths get tripped up by time differences. For some reason, our minds just screw up the simplest calculations. Five hours ahead becomes five hours behind, three behind becomes three ahead. It’s even worse when you’re traveling to multiple places with different time zones.


The best course of action is to research in advance. Make a list of all the matches you’d like to catch. Then figure out what time they will be showing in the time zone you’re traveling to. Use Google in order to prevent human error.


This research will also give you the opportunity to schedule your any obligations around matches. When traveling with others, you may not have this option, but you can do your best to miss as little as possible.


Use A VPN To Unblock Streaming


NFL coverage may not be available at your destination. Football is a very American sport (that is, American football as opposed to what the rest of the world calls football). Whereas people around the world watch the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga, NFL fandom is not as widespread.


Streaming makes access a lot easier. However, streaming services limit their coverage depending on where you are in the world.


The good news is you can unblock NFL Game Pass from anywhere with a VPN. A virtual private network (VPN) is actually primarily used for security. It hides your location and encrypts your data, protecting you from identity theft. It is a crucial piece of software.


It hides your location by routing your connection through an external server. Route it through a server in the US, and you’ll have access to US streaming content no matter where you actually are.


Make sure you find the best VPN available for streaming purposes. Not all of them work at unlocking geo-restricted content, and some slow down your connection too much. For optimal streaming, you should find a VPN that works at high speeds.


Decide What You’re Ready To Compromise


Ultimately, when you’re traveling you will have to make compromises with your commitment to the NFL. Decide in advance what you’re ready to compromise on. Sometimes you won’t have a choice. At others, by compromising on one match, you’ll win brownie points you can use on a more important game.


It’s not easy keeping up with the NFL while traveling, but it is possible. Make sure you’re ready in advance to do so.



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