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5 Rules for Dating a Sports Fan

Steve Shoup

One thing about relationships which is universal is the fact you can’t help who you fall for. Many couples are drawn to one another because their personalities are complimentary or they share interests. But in some instances, where a couple met on an online dating service, there may be chemistry but the parties are completely opposite. A classic example of this is if you happen to become attracted to a sports fan. Here are five rules you will soon need to become familiar with.


Understand how important sports can be


One of the key things you must understand is just how crucial sports can be in terms of a leisure time activity. Unlike pastimes such as hillwalking or stamp collecting or other such innocuous pursuits, a passion for sport can be all-consuming. What we are talking about is no casual interest. It is a full-blown mania which will mean absolutely everything to this person.


Even if you hate sport, try joining in


At an early stage in your relationship with your sports fan, you will have to learn to put on a brave face. If you find yourself getting dragged down to the pub on a rainy Wednesday night because their team is featuring in a cup tie, why not swallow your pride and tag along? Savor a few drinks in their company and indulge them acting like grown-up kids as they shout themselves hoarse. If you fail to mask how stupid you feel all this to be, you will stoke a sense of resentment which, like a slow-burning fuse, will eventually explode in your face.


There will be traveling involved


Sports fans often have to travel a fair distance. Your other half will most likely be keen to support their team by heading all over the country at a moment’s notice. You can either grin and bear it, accompanying them to these events, or you can choose to let them have all the fun gallivanting around different cities.


Be prepared to put up with the communal aspect


Most sports are communal activities. Whether your partner loves baseball, American football, soccer, hockey, or any other high-octane pastime, they will be part of a fanbase which can run into hundreds of thousands. There is every likelihood your partner would prefer cheering on their team when their voice is one of a communal choir, rather than the less satisfactory bawling at a television set at home. Be prepared to get to know all their friends who are similarly fanatical.


Accept the highs and the lows


When you are dating a sports fan, you will need to get used to the highs and lows. If their team gets as far as the final of a competition, they will be in such an effusive good mood a smile will be glued to their features. The sense of wellbeing and joy will permeate every aspect of their life, to the extent they are an absolute joy to be with. When this happens, you should certainly make the most of it. Because the reverse of this situation is just as likely: their team getting to a final only to lose to a freak goal/touchdown in the game’s dying moments.


Should this unfortunate circumstance occur, their spirits will plummet to the darkest of depths. When this happens, commiserate with them gently, without overdoing it. You certainly don’t want to suggest they pull themselves together because “it’s only a sport”. It is so much more than that. If you are dating a sports fan you need to learn to rationalize the irrational. Very quickly.



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