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The Top Training Exercises that NFL Athletes Do to Get Into Shape

Steve Shoup

We all know that athletes put themselves through rigorous training regimens in order to condition their bodies for peak performance. It doesn’t matter what sport they are involved in or what role they play in a team, each and every athlete puts in the hours to hone their skills in order to contribute to the team.


The NFL is easily one of the most popular sports leagues in the country. The audience for it is loyal and extremely enthusiastic and the athletes are nothing less than celebrities.


But the status they enjoy does not come without a sacrifice of equal measure. Like we mentioned earlier, it takes a lot of training to hone your body into a top performing mass of athleticism. The journey to achieving such strength is one that is painful and tiring.


So, if you aspire to be among the elite few, here’s an idea of the training regimen that you need to be prepared to commit to.


Bench Presses


The bench press is one of the most popular strength training exercises. It can be performed with barbells or dumbbells and this particular exercise helps increase upper body size and strength. The main muscle that gets developed by the bench is the pectoralis major. Since it’s a compound exercise, your triceps, as well as your deltoids, get worked out.


This is a vital muscle group in any sport that involves a lot of upper body strength. In American Football, for example, the chest muscles serve to add power during a throw as well as add support during pushing.


Light Sled Pushes


As you can imagine, the prowler sled is a piece of equipment that’s designed to help athletes develop speed and pushing power.


It’s also a great way to lose a lot of body fat because the movements involved in the workout come in many variations and this variance in exertion can kick your metabolism into gear, thus turning your body into an efficient fat burner.




High-Intensity Interval workouts are a combination of a wide variety of high-energy exercises that are meant to be performed non-stop, only allowing the athlete to rest for a certain period in between sets.


There are many exercises that fall under this category, and they may sometimes be developed as a custom routine by a trainer. You can do a combination of calisthenic workouts as well as equipment-assisted workouts like the heavy ropes and the tire flips.


Even cardio-focused workouts such as treadmill runs and some time on the stationary bike can become HIIT exercises, however, it’s important to read this guide to stationary bikes in order for you to be able to determine if the bike you intend to use can handle intense use.


Medicine Ball Throws


It may seem like an obvious choice at first, but this exercise is actually more complex than it sounds. There are many variations of the medicine ball throw and it develops throwing power. This exercise is not exclusive to NFL athletes.



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