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3 Eastern Teams to Rival Boston Celtics

Steve Shoup

Boston Celtics have been on a crazy run recently and they seem unstoppable. For many fans they are already nailed on winners of the Eastern Conference this season and if you ask them it is only Cleveland Cavaliers which can rival them.

However, there are also other teams which have a really good chance of reaching the Eastern Conference Finals other than these two and if you are a punter, you can capitalize on some good odds if you back one of these 3 sides to reach the last hurdle before the NBA Finals.

If you are a punter yourself, you can wager on these sides in the outright winners market and predict that they are going to reach the Eastern Conference Finals. Spice up the match by placing a bet that they will come out as winners in the match winners market or maybe bet on the handicap market and back them to overturn the deficit and bring you home a winning bet. Whatever you do, these 3 sides are bound to bring you profit at good odds.


Toronto Raptors

LeBron James has been the tormentor of the Raptors in the last couple of season, but it seems like this year they might have something to say if they meet the Cavaliers again in the playoffs. They started the season really well and won 11 of the starting 16 games. At that rate they are predicted to reach 56 victories by the end of the season, which is very impressive and will place them only behind Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets.

The Raptors are a strong offensive unit and boast some of the best shooters in the NBA. As a result of this, their offensive game is only outdone by two other teams in the league. This makes them a strong contender for the Eastern Conference Finals as long as they keep this form going.


Washington Wizards

More was expected from the Wizards at the start of this season as they had one of the easiest schedules of all NBA teams. However, 17 games into it, they only managed to win 10 of about 15 winnable match-ups.

This isn’t such a bad record, especially if you consider that the Wizards have been a team which has been slowly becoming better and better with each passing season. Maybe we have been spoilt and were expecting too much from an overachieving team of players which already did a lot so far.


Detroit Pistons

Stan Van Gundy will definitely have a lot of work on his hands with this Pistons team, but they are the underdog which we are backing to show a lot of critics wrong. He has often said that he believes in his team to succeed, and Andre Drummond in particular has been impressing everyone who tuned in to watch the Pistons.

They won 11 out of the first 17 games and if they continue like this they will be in for a surprise spot in the playoffs and make Pistons’ fans ecstatic.



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