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The NFL etiquette: What are the rules at a NFL game?

Steve Shoup

Going to an NFL game is part of the American experience. Everyone has a favorite team and the NFL games are the perfect place to support your idols. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that you will meet all sorts of fans at a game. And while diversity is a good thing, there are some NFL supporters that shouldn’t be there: the rude ones. We gathered up some of the worst things to do at a NFL game and hopefully you will never do any of these.

Get drunk at a NFL game

We get it, beer is part of the NFL experience and you might feel fancy spending $8 for a cup. And we are not here to accuse you for drinking beer. But you have to learn how to drink. No one wants to sit next to the annoying drunkard that criticizes the players the entire game.

Be wise and do not exaggerate. If you wish to drink your weight beer and watch a blurry version of the game, you can do that at home. And there you won’t annoy dozens of people.

 Swear a lot

Things can get intense when your favorite team isn’t doing well and you may feel the need to share your pain with the world. However, there is no need to be dumb about it. Constantly swearing, and doing it really loudly is useless, annoying, disrespectful to the players and also a huge sign that you are not the sharpest tool in the shed.

There are other ways to share your frustration and you can find something clever to say.

Constantly boo the teams you hate

Being fair-play is an important part of any sport and fans should learn that as well. It is fine to get mad at the rivals, especially when they are beating your team, but yelling at the players you hate for the entire game can become very rude. They are just hired athletes, doing your job, how would you feel if they would come to your office and they would boo you for hours?

If you are really passionate you can still choose to support your team and cheer for them. It is way nicer and it can even help your favorite team.

Make other fans feel bad for no reason

Sometimes, even if you are all fans of the same team, you can find someone that will try to school you at a game. This goes for all the rich guys in the back that yell at you when you stand up to see better an important moment, or the old dudes who give you the side eye when you are a over-the-top excited about something. Why not let everyone enjoy the game?

Now you are ready to support your team. Go grab your cheap NFL game tickets, and get ready to encourage your favorite players. Just try to be respectful of others so that everyone can have the best NFL experience.



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