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NFL Players and Rules Against Sports Gambling

Steve Shoup

It is a well-known fact that the National Football League (NFL) has always stood strong against the gambling industry, no matter whether it concerns trusted online casinos such as, for instance, 888 Casino best bonus games with multiple features and benefits or traditional gambling houses that are so tempting for sports celebrities due to their luxurious atmosphere, attention, services and of course, a possibility to hit a so-desired jackpot.


Nevertheless, certain standards and rules were redefined by the NFL because of the situation that recently happened with Tony Romo who was set to hold a football convention in one of Las Vegas casinos. Similar incidents were also happening with other NFL players which made fans wonder: what exactly are the rules regarding the players and types of gambling activities they can participate in?


Possible gambling and betting activities for NFL footballers and personnel

All pro football players are unable to take part in any sports gambling because it might lead to a player throwing a game. But does it mean that they can’t be involved with any casino or even enter one under any circumstances? As it is explained by the Pro Football Talk, the NFL players, as well as personnel, can gamble only in case if the casinos are legal. Also, they can bet on horse or dog racing in official/legal betting offices in their personal time.


The only exception is that players are not allowed to get in any sort of deals that are organised on the casino property. And it absolutely doesn’t matter whether it is a car show, convention or any other activity because this means an automatic violation of rules. All National Football League players are aware of this fact as every season, they are given a special handbook or how it is also called a policy manual that includes rules and regulations to follow (including gambling/betting). Of course, some hardly read it or completely ignore but responsibility will always come up.


It is a little bit surprising that in accordance with the policy manual, players are allowed to visit casinos and race tracks betting their money there but are prohibited to sports betting. Recently, this particular rule was challenged by New Jersey and NBA, NHL and NFL were right there opposing the case. It is highly believed that if a player is involved in sports betting then he can be coerced into throwing contests in exchange for a financial compensation. That’s why this kind of betting is strictly prohibited and very unlikely it will ever change.


Undoubtedly, football players have money to gamble and bet on absolutely everything. But rules are rules and they should always be taken into account seriously as nobody wants to deal with possible consequences if the rules are broken. That’s why NFL players along with its personnel gladly gamble in various legal casinos across the globe as well as make bets on horse and dog racing avoiding sports betting.



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