Seattle Avoids Typical Slow Start to Become Clear Super Bowl Contender


What is happening with Seattle? They are not the team that people cheered and booed a little bit last season. The Seahawks have been so predictable for so long. They always start slow, struggle with consistency in their offense, contend with the drama of big meetings and somehow rise from the ashes to take a serious run at the playoffs. The latest Super Bowl picks suggest that Seattle is definitely in the playoff conversation.

However, they seem to have avoided their characteristically slow start this time round. Just think about every other October in the previous seasons that saw Pundits complaining about just how vulnerable Seattle looked, many times preparing Coach Pete Carroll for his departure from the team before the season was even decided.

And it usually wasn’t until November that the Seahawks would begin to click, finding success in December and shocking all the naysayers with their performance.

This time around, though, Seattle has surprised and confounded with their 2016 campaign. They were not flying high from the start, but they definitely avoided their typical slow start.

By Week 10, they were playing their best football and putting team’s like New England in their place. Their victory over the Patriots was considered a fluke by some until Seattle soundly defeated the Eagles just one week after.

Russell Wilson has definitely earned his fortune, overcoming knee and ankle injuries to perform for Seattle. The team’s running backs didn’t make things easy with their seemingly unending injuries week in and week out.

In fact, Seattle’s offensive line as a whole has struggled to get their act together, especially in light of their quarterback’s injuries. However, even with all those setbacks, the Seahawks have only tasted defeat twice this season.

Aside from the Cowboys, the Seahawks are the only truly dominant team around, which is difficult to understand, considering how poorly they performed in some games. The fact that there was no melodrama this season might have something to do with it.

Seattle didn’t need any come-to-Jesus meetings to get back on track because they have been giving it their all since the season began. And without all the pointlessly heated arguments and a more cohesive approach to offense and defense, Seattle has somehow overcome the weaknesses of previous seasons.

One might even say that it has been a more boring Seahawks team, free of all the drama that made their previous campaigns a little more amusing, but that has only worked in their favor.

It wasn’t that long ago that Seattle, New England, Arizona and Carolina were raised as the best teams in the league. However, of all those teams, only Seattle looks to be confidently delivering on the promise of success.

The victory over the Eagles on Sunday only further manifested their dominance. And they had so many problem during the game, this including Rookie Running Back C.J. Prosise’s scapular injury.

Seattle’s offense already resembles their offense at the end of the 2015 season, and this time they have Jimmy Graham to rely on. The former All-Pro Tight End had to exit the team in November last year due to a torn Patellar Tendon. However, he is now back and, with his help, Seattle is going to terrorize a lot of defensive lines.

The way they are now, the Seahawks will be difficult to stop.



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