What was the former game of Ba’?

Steve O Speak

The Ba’ Game is a traditional form of medieval football that has been played in Scotland for centuries. Discover now your sports betting at 1xBet, which can also be made on great matches of modern football too.


It takes place particularly in areas like Orkney and the Scottish Borders, typically around the Christmas and New Year period. It’s a unique and lively spectacle that brings communities together in friendly rivalry. Speaking about rivalries, when visiting the sports betting section of 1xBet, you will also be able to make your wagers on great rivalries as well.


Let’s summarize the main 4 aspects of the Ba’ Games:


  • it is a form of football where 2 teams play against each other;
  • the 2 squads are known as the Uppies and the Downies;
  • the purpose is to move the ball towards a goal located in their respective side of the town;
  • who plays for each team can depend on birthplace or allegiance, adding a layer of local pride and tradition to the game.


Those 4 ingredients create a unique and fascinating game.

A chaotic game

Unlike organized football matches, the Ba’ Game is characterized by its chaotic and free-flowing nature. Feel free to try live betting now at 1xBet on other fantastic football games too.


Players engage in a rough-and-tumble affair, often resembling a moving scrum as they maneuver the ball through the town’s streets, alleyways, and even yards. Despite the physicality of the game, injuries are rare, and the emphasis is more on camaraderie and spirited competition. There are live betting opportunities to try now at 1xBet, where different things that happen in football matches can be wagered too.

Keeping the tradition alive

Historically, the Ba’ Game was a widespread tradition across the UK, with over 200 similar games documented in the past. Today, however, only around 15 Ba’ Games are still played, making it a cherished and rare tradition. Speaking about the UK, the http://1xbet.ie/en/line/football website has lots of football wagers on matches played in that part of the world too.

Several towns continue to uphold the tradition of the Ba’ Game, including Duns in the Scottish Borders and Jedburgh, where the game has been played since at least 1704. In Jedburgh, the game takes place annually on the Thursday after Shrove Tuesday, with festivities kicking off at the Mercat Cross. The aim of the game varies slightly between locations, with different rituals for scoring points, such as hailing the Ba’ over a fence or rolling it over a drain. If you like classical football games, you may also want to visit the 1xBet website to place wagers on modern games too.

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