How detrimental can it be when a football team gets relegated?

Steve O Speak

Imagine a football team that has just been relegated from the 1st level of the competition in their country to the 2nd level. The 1xBet website allows you to try online sports betting on teams that are likely to be promoted or relegated too.


Getting relegated is like falling into a pit of disappointment and uncertainty for a football club. It’s not just about losing matches. Instead, there are 3 other things that can be lost, such as:


  • status;
  • money;
  • and even the heart of the team itself.


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Breaking down the different factors

In 1st place, there is a financial hit. When a team gets relegated, it’s like taking a dive into a shallow pool of cash. In top-tier leagues like the English Premier League, the difference in revenue between being in the top flight and being in the 2nd division can be staggering. The website features all matches from the extraordinary English Premier League too.


There are 3 things that take a nosedive when being relegated from the Premier League for example, which are TV rights, sponsorships and ticket sales.


Then there’s the impact on player contracts. If you want to wager on the best footballers from all over the world, visit the 1xBet platform now.


For example, players at the top level often have contracts that include bonuses for things like staying in the Premier League or reaching certain positions in the league table. When relegation hits, those bonuses evaporate immediately. Players might also have clauses allowing them to leave if the team gets relegated, which can cause a mass exodus of talent.

Effects on the fans

Besides money and players, fans are the 3rd factor affected too. The sport betting line from 1xBet features the football teams with the most passionate fans too.


Imagine the devoted supporters who show up rain or shine, singing their hearts out in the stands. For them, the club is more than just a team. Instead, it’s a part of their identity, a source of pride and passion. Relegation can feel like a betrayal of that loyalty, leaving fans feeling disillusioned and disconnected. The betting line for sports featured at 1xBet always features teams that have a devoted group of supporters too.


But it’s not all doom and gloom. Some clubs use relegation as a springboard for reinvention. They trim the fat, rebuild from the ground up, and come back stronger than ever. Just look at Leicester City. They got relegated to the 3rd tier of English football back in 2008. However, in the 2015-16 season they did the unthinkable by winning the Premier League.

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