What to Do While You Wait for the Blue Jays to Return Next Season

Steve O Speak

The crisp snap of a ball hitting leather. The roar of a packed Rogers Centre. These are just some of the things we’re missing as we reflect on the Blue Jays’ rather unforgettable 2023 season. But instead of ruminating on what went wrong or dwelling on that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. pickoff, it’s time to keep our spirits high and engage in activities that reignite our passion for the game and keep us occupied until the next season. Here’s a guide to spending your time productively, reconnecting with the sport, and even exploring a few new hobbies.

Relive the Highlights and Lowlights

We all know the 2023 season had its heartbreaks. Remembering the talent on paper and the disappointing three sweeps in the Wild Card Series over four seasons can be gut-wrenching. But like every storm, there were silver linings. José Berríos and Yusei Kikuchi had notable bounce-back seasons, reminding us of the team’s potential. Dig deep and watch some old games, interviews, and player highlights.


Connect with fellow fans on forums, and discuss strategies for the coming season. Think of it as baseball therapy, sometimes talking about the painful parts can be healing. And, who knows? You might stumble across an underappreciated moment that deserves more credit.

Try New Hobbies or Rekindle Old Ones

Away from the baseball diamond, there’s a myriad of activities you can delve into. For those intrigued about how to spend your time online, you might consider visiting an Ontario online casino for some light-hearted fun. Always remember to play responsibly and set a budget before diving in.


Alternatively, immerse yourself in a good book, perhaps a biography of a legendary baseball player. For the hands-on individuals, maybe it’s time to start that DIY project you’ve been putting off. Whether it’s crafting, painting, or even writing, there’s always something new to learn or rediscover.


On top of this, you can also dive into some different sports. With Buffalo only around 100 miles away from Ontario it’s an obvious suggestion. On top of this, with the Bills having a fantastic season last year, and Josh Allen becoming one of the best quarterbacks in the league, it could be worth your time to travel down to the Highmark Stadium to see how they get on in the 2023/2024 season.

Engage in the Allure of Baseball

You certainly don’t need to be at the major league level to relish the charm of baseball. Why not look around for a community league or a casual group where you can participate in some spirited games? It’s an excellent way to stay in shape and, more importantly, to bond with others who share your zeal for the sport.


If you’re more into a relaxed vibe, think about organizing evenings centred around baseball, be it board games that revolve around the sport or binge-watching iconic baseball films. Classics like “Bull Durham” and “Moneyball” are always a hit. And hey, for those who are into technology, exploring baseball-centric video games is a fantastic avenue. Dive into virtual renditions of historic games or craft your own legendary matches, the possibilities are endless.


As the days without baseball seem to stretch endlessly, particularly following a challenging season, there’s a wealth of activities to dive into, ensuring you remain connected to the essence of the game. It’s all about discovering what ignites your enthusiasm. And soon enough, we’ll see the Blue Jays taking to the skies once more, poised to etch fresh tales in their rich history.



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