Top Universities for a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management

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Sports management is a competitive but thriving industry that has been developing a lot in recent years. An increasing number of students are showing great interest in career development in this field.


If you are a sports fan and believe that you can also develop a business mindset, a bachelor’s degree in sports management can be your winning ticket to a wonderful and thriving career. For example, Edwin van der Sar and Juan Mata both graduated with a degree in Sports Management.


A Bachelor’s degree in sports management prepares students to become experts in branding, public relations, or the management of large sportswear companies such as Nike or Adidas.

Best Sports Management Universities in the World


Here are some great universities offering a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management abroad:

University of Nicosia (University of Nicosia)

The Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management offered by the University of Nicosia in Cyprus gives an idea of modern management methods in all sports. The degree focuses on sports theories and practices that arise in the international business environment.


The curriculum includes topics related to the history of sports and personnel management. It also covers sports marketing, facilities management, event planning, and risk management. Graduates of the program may find work in a variety of positions from entry-level to executive roles. For those seeking additional help with writing assignments related to the Sports Management degree, there is  a cheap writing service available online.

Southern New Hampshire University

At Southern New Hampshire University, you can combine sports management theories with real, practical exercises on sports fields. Bachelor of Science in Sports Management will teach you how to identify legal issues in the sports business, and you will also learn new and interesting things about golf club management or ethics in sports.

EU Business School

At the EU Business School in Spain, the Bachelor of Sports Management degree is really focused on the business side of sports. You will study courses related to advertising, media and accounting.


After completing your degree, you will be able to analyze and evaluate the role of key players in sports teams and integrate effective business strategies related to sports.

Richmond, American International University in London

At Richmond, a bachelor’s degree in sports management more actively helps students develop valuable coaching abilities. However, you will not just become a good sports coach, you will also acquire knowledge related to the recommended nutrition and wellness practices of athletes.


In addition to a bachelor’s degree, Richmond offers graduates a certificate in management and leadership.

University of Applied Sciences Europe

If you are applying to the University of Applied Sciences of Europe, you can choose a field of specialization within the framework of a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Management. For example, you may specialize in marketing, sports management, business administration, or public relations.


A unique feature of a bachelor’s degree is that you can get behind the scenes of big basketball clubs in Germany.

University of the West of Scotland

Bachelor of Science in Sports Development at the University of the West of Scotland deals with the most common problems in the field of international sports management. You will learn how to develop and offer practical solutions to various issues in the field of sports, health and fitness.


The curriculum includes courses in coaching, sports and physical exercises, as well as the management of leisure facilities. You will gain an understanding of the relationship between sports management, sport psychology and sport law. You will also learn how to develop policies that promote physical activity in a safe environment. With this degree, you can become an expert in the field of international sports development and help organizations achieve their goals.If you are looking for assistance with your research projects or assignments related to this field, you can visit for help.

Teeside University

The Bachelor of Sports Management degree at Teasside University is mainly intended for students who are preparing for a career in football management. Located in Middlesbrough, the birthplace of the famous Middlesbrough Football Club, the university cooperates with football coaches and experts.


You will have the opportunity to complete several internships and, in addition to the football business, learn more about sports finance and economics, as well as branding and marketing.

Loughborough University, United Kingdom

Loughborough University, located just 1.5 hours from London, is considered the best university for both sports studies and sports activities.


The university includes a unique and award-winning School of Sports, Training and Health, which offers programs at all levels in the field of sports, sports management, psychology, physical activity, etc. As many as 98% of school graduates are successfully employed in their specialty after receiving a degree!


Students can also get a degree in sports technology and do research at a specialized Institute of sports Technology.


The International Student Barometer Autumn Wave 2016 rating recognized Loughborough University as the best university in terms of sports opportunities. A lot of attention is really paid here to a healthy lifestyle and sports. The huge green campus of the university includes several stadiums, gyms, fitness centers, courts, a swimming pool and much more. Various sports clubs and sections are also available to students.

University of Sydney, Australia

The multicampus University of Sydney educates about 10,000 foreigners and is famous for a wide range of sports programs, as well as the level of sports opportunities for students.


The university offers higher diplomas, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs with specializations in sports sciences, physical education, sports mentoring and coaching, sports psychology and physiotherapy.


The heart of the university’s sports life is Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness (SUSF), an organization that provides more than 40 sports clubs and many sports facilities on the university’s campuses.


The University of Sydney offers students special sports programs in a variety of sports, from swimming and running to football and golf, holds numerous competitions and sporting events. In addition, sports scholarships and a support program for the best student-athletes “Elite Athlete Program” are available to students.

University of Queensland, Australia

Another Australian university, the University of Queensland, is rightfully considered one of the best institutions in the country for active and athletic students.


At the diploma and certificate level, bachelor’s and master’s level, you can study sports sciences, physical education, coaching, physical culture and proper nutrition here. Sports medicine programs are also popular among students.


There are also all conditions for sports here. Aikido, athletics, cheerleading, football, golf, tennis, baseball, fencing, dancing and even football in balls – this is not a complete list of sports that students of the University of Queensland can do absolutely free of charge right on campus.

University of British Columbia, Canada

The University of British Columbia is one of the best places to train doctors and physiotherapists to work with professional athletes.


This famous Canadian university educates students from more than 140 countries and offers a variety of programs on the basis of two campuses – in Vancouver and Okanagan.


Students of the University of British Columbia can study kinesiology, physical therapy, sports rehabilitation, clinical sports physiology, sports medicine and other related disciplines.


In addition, the University of British Columbia has more than 50 sports clubs, the best courts, swimming pools, stadiums and gyms, as well as active support for young athletes. By the way, in the entire history of the university, its students and graduates have won a total of 65 Olympic medals!

University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

Back in 1954, the University of Birmingham became the first British university to offer students training programs in the field of sports. At the moment, the university is one of the four leading sports universities in the UK according to the British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) rating and has a separate School of Sports, Training and Rehabilitation Sciences.


According to The Complete University Guide 2018, The University of Birmingham ranked 1st in the world in the subject of “physiotherapy” and 2nd in the world in the subject of “sports sciences”.


Today, sports coaching, sports mentoring, sports training, sports medicine, rehabilitation medicine, physiotherapy and physical education can be studied at the university. There are also separate training programs for golf coaches and medical staff of football teams.


On the basis of the university’s campus sports facilities, students can engage in a variety of sports, from rugby and cricket to swimming, yoga and aerobics. The University of Birmingham offers all-round support and more than 40 sports scholarships to talented athletes! Many national and world-class champions have emerged from the walls of this university, including Olympic medalists in Athens and Beijing. For students who are budgeting their finances and need help with essay writing, the university’s financial aid office offers a range of options. They can provide advice on scholarships, grants, bursaries and other of finance that may be available to students. Additionally they offer specialized resources such as finance essay help which provides assistance in writing an essay about personal finance or business finance topics.

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