Using multiple betting sites: the main reasons justifying bettors’ choice in having many bookmakers to bet with

Steve O Speak



If you are new in sports betting, you might find overwhelming the fact that there are so many different choices and decisions that you need to make in order to start doing what you like – that is, start betting!


With so many competing sportsbooks and online betting sites, beginners can get really confused regarding which one to choose, which one has the best services, which one has the best bonuses and promotions, which one is the safest, which one has the most competitive odds etc. And on top of this, beginners might also find it hard to choose from a list of sportsbooks that goes also past the national borders, choosing for example from Spanish betting sites or other online platforms around the world.


As difficult and time-consuming as this might sound, it is in fact not a significant problem, especially as bettors are actually better off having more than one sportsbook to bet with, instead of just sticking to one betting site.


Let’s see why it is of the benefit to bettors to bet with multiple bookmakers.


More bookmakers means more opportunities to find competitive odds

Having accounts in multiple bookmakers means that you are able to place bets quickly when you find odds that are really competitive. When there are different odds in the market, the only sensible thing is to shop around and you can shop around if you are registered with more than one site.


Imagine you want to bet on the Milwaukee Bucks to win against the Toronto Raptors and you find that there are odd gaps in the market. If you have one betting site where you’re registered at, it is quite unlikely to see this gap, but if you have betting accounts in multiple sites, then you increase your chances of finding competitive odds.


More bookmakers means access to more betting markets

Bookmakers don’t have the same betting markets upon which they focus or specialize. And certainly not all markets are included in every betting site’s list of offered bets.

That said, it is quite understandable that having accounts in more than one bookmaker is to a great advantage for a bettor. Why? Because this way, bettors have access to more markets and more markets mean more opportunities to bet and win.


Imagine that you want to bet on the coin toss of the Super Bowl or on the colour of the Gatorade bath thrown on the coach. Clearly not every sportsbook features these prop bets. But if you have more accounts you can find these and many more markets that you wouldn’t be able to explore if you limited yourself to one sportsbook.


More bookmakers means more of the bonuses and promotions

While many people think that bonuses and promotions are largely used by betting sites to acquire new customers, the truth is that they are heavily used  to retain their existing customers as well. So, having more than one bookmaker to bet with, only expands your exposure to such promotions and offers!


You can get all the bonuses at the beginning of your registration – that’s the first good thing – but you can get all the promotions while you are using the betting sites as well – that’s the second good thing!


More bookmakers means greater security and safety

While one would argue that the more you are exposed to betting sites the more the risks you are dealing with, the reality is that having more bookmakers to bet with, limits the risks of being scammed or mistreated or becoming subject to any other type of misconduct by one site alone.


When you have multiple betting sites where you are registered with, you break down the risks of playing with one bookie.


And on top of this, when you have more bookmakers you are also shielding yourself against being imposed with bet limits. Even if one betting site imposes bet limits on you (because you are becoming a bet master!), you will always have instant access to another account!


Some final words…

Although there are some disadvantages and risks of having more than one sportsbook to bet with, the thing is that the benefits clearly outweigh the shortcomings. But the first and most important consideration is that more betting accounts should by no means imply excessive or irresponsible betting.


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