Passing The Time Between Football Seasons With These Fun Tips

Steve O Speak

The 2022/23 football season has certainly entertained fans across the nation. This entertaining season came to an end in Glendale, Arizona, when the Kansas City Chiefs lifted the Kansas City Chiefs and were crowned champions. After beating the Philadelphia Eagles 38 – 35, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl for the third time in the team’s history.


As the football season ended following that nail-biting Super Bowl final, many fans are looking for ways to pass the time till the next season starts. Keep reading to find a few fun tips worth considering before the next season gets underway.


Spend Time Playing Football


After watching football for the past few months, why not spend time playing football to help pass the time? Aside from being a fun way to spend a weekend with friends or make new friends, playing football is a great way to stay active. See if your friends are interested in participating, or ask work colleagues if they want to form a team. You can arrange to play or practice after work, on the weekend or at times most convenient for those that want to join. On days when the weather is nice, spending time outdoors and playing a game you love with friends can be a fun way to enjoy the summer. You could play football throughout the summer, and before you realize it, the drafting season will have begun, and the countdown to the first games of the season has started.


Prepare For Vegas


The 58th Super Bowl is coming to Vegas! Sin City will welcome football fans from across the nation and beyond, as it has been announced to host the Super Bowl in 2024. Of course, the dream for many football fans is to attend the Super Bowl – especially if it is to see their team play (and hopefully win). However, what many football fans are well aware of when it comes to getting tickets for the Super Bowl is how expensive the entire trip can be. If travelling to Vegas for the Super Bowl is not possible, why not bring Vegas to you? When the Super Bowl comes around, you can organize a Vegas-themed Super Bowl for you and your guests. Get yourself in the Vegas mindset by playing a casino game or two on Jackpot Casino. Jackpot casino games are a great way to pass the time. You can even find the latest online casino & game news on their site. These games can also be played to help you pass the time between seasons.


Start Making Predictions


Before the season even starts, the rumor mills about the sport will have already begun. Whispers of who might be switching teams, players leaving the sport and who is coming in will begin to get louder closer to the next season. When these rumors begin, you and your friends could make predictions about what you anticipate happening in the next season. To make it just that touch more interesting, and because the Super Bowl will be in Vegas, why not place bets on some of the predictions you have for the season? This could be which team you think will be the most surprising, the player that will stand out the most and who you think will be switching teams. You might even predict which two teams you think will be going head-to-head in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl!


Brush Up On Your Knowledge


Another way to help pass the time between seasons is by learning something new about this beloved sport. If the last season was the first time watching a season from start to end, you might use the time to brush up on your knowledge about the sport. For lifelong fans of the sport, you might use the time to look into some of the proposals for rule changes. Of course, these changes are not set in stone, but learning more about how the sport might change for the next season or in the next few years could be interesting. To help test your knowledge, you could organize quiz nights for you and your friends. The quizzes could be about the season just gone or about moments throughout the sport’s history. This is a fun way to get your friends together between seasons that helps keep the excitement for the sport alive, even if no games are scheduled.



Before you know it, the summer will have passed, and the next season will be well underway. The tips mentioned above could have helped you to pass the time and keep you entertained between seasons. When the new season gets underway, you could continue with some of the tips mentioned above, such as planning for Vegas, making predictions for game scores, and playing football with friends. All of it could help to make the next season one to remember.

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