NFL Betting Explained

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Betting is prevalent in almost every sport and has been since people first began to watch and enjoy sports. Its growth has driven it to the level of a billion-dollar industry undertaken by sports betting enthusiasts and business persons. And one of the most popular when it comes to sports betting is football or NFL.


Football is considered one of the most favorite sports worldwide. And as the regular season of the NFL approaches, most football fans turn to betting for various reasons, such as for amusement since football is indeed an exciting and entertaining sport to watch. Since this game draws people from around the world, sports betting odds and markets are also growing.

NFL Betting the Moneyline

The NFL Moneyline is the most straightforward in all football betting. When you bet on the Moneyline, you must predict which side will win the game. And the odds determine your possible reward and the sportsbook’s estimated likelihood. This bet is popular since it is simple to place and requires no study or analysis. Furthermore, there are no spreads to consider because your wager wins if the team also wins.


Moneyline odds are denoted by a three-digit figure preceded by a plus or minus sign. Spread points will be displayed alongside the Moneyline odds.

Betting in Totals (Over/Under)

Here, you are no longer concerned with which side will win the game. Instead, your focus is the total number of points scored. The numbers on the far right of the betting line above represent the matchup’s over/under, often known as NFL total betting. These figures show the number of points oddsmakers anticipate the two sides will score together.


Bettors must select whether they believe the total point will be higher or lower than that figure and put a wager on it. For example, the line is set at 54.5 points. In an over bet, the team must reach it by scoring 55 or more points, while in the under bet, both teams’ combined point scoring should be 54 or less.

NFL Point Spread Betting 

Point Spread is the most common bet on each NFL game and is often referred to as line betting or sides. Every game set will have a favorite and an underdog. And the bookmaker will decide how many points the favorite team should win. Here, you are betting on whether your favorite will win by more than that amount of points, by less, or if the other side will win.


Usually, teams with a minus sign are expected to win, while those with a plus are expected to lose. So, if you bet on the losing side, they must win more than the spread. But if you pick the team with a plus sign, they must lose by less than the specified margin for the bet to win. Covering the spread is another term for winning a wager like this.

Start Your Sports Betting Journey with NFL!

Sports betting is well-known globally as a safe and fair gaming environment for all sports enthusiasts. Football or NFL betting continues to be the most popular since all sports fans use this as a method of socializing and interacting with friends. Bettors on football can simultaneously enjoy and possibly earn in every game.


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