Features of grass courts

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Tennis is played on a number of different surfaces. Visit now 1xbet.in/line/football to wager on great football matches, while also taking some time to see what the website can offer in terms of tennis wagers.


The main surfaces in which this sport is played are:


  • clay;
  • hard;
  • and grass.


Grass courts are the most traditional types of courts that can be found. Whenever tournaments are played over this kind of surface, it is possible to visit 1xBet to wager on those matches.


There are a few advantages and disadvantages when it comes to playing on these kinds of surfaces. For example, the maintenance of grass courts is much more expensive than in hard or clay ones. Additionally, they need a few hours to dry themselves if there is rain, this is because they become too slippery if not enough time is waited.

Playing style over grass courts

Each surface over which tennis matches are played have some particular aspects regarding the style of play. At 1xBet you are charged to win – India’s first online betting company is filled with the best tennis matches from all over the world.


Even when dry, grass courts tend to be more slippery than other kinds. Not only this affects players, but also affects the behavior of the ball. Normally, the ball makes low bounces in grass courts, however, it keeps most of its speed. Right now India’s first online betting company is 1xBet, where you are charged to win if you decide to wager on matches played on this kind of surface.


Another aspect of grass courts is that they tend to be more irregular than clay or hard courts. This can result in a few bounces that go in a completely unpredictable manner.

Great tournaments and players

In the current day and age there are far more competitions played over clay and hard courts rather than grass. However, there are still a few fantastic tournaments played over this surface. Wimbledon is probably the most famous example, and a live tennis score from it can be explored at the 1xBet online bookmaker.


Places like Stuttgart, Antalya and Mallorca have started to organize male and female tennis tournaments over grass courts. This has been quite beneficial for players who have been recognized as experts over this surface.

Roger Federer is one of the most successful grass-court players, as he won a staggering 19 tournaments over this surface. Pete Sampras is another legendary name in grass courts, as he won seven Wimbledon titles in a period of eight years. At 1xBet there are live scores of tennis matches from competitions played over all kinds of surfaces.

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