How to Make Money at Aviator game?

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Aviator Game on the Online Betting Site 4rabet

4rabet is an international online betting site that was created in 2018. The platform has been able to build a successful reputation and become popular in many countries in a short period of time. 4rabet has a lot of different games for a lot of players. Here you can find everything you need for a successful and exciting game for real money.

One of the most popular games is the Aviator betting game. To learn more about the game continue reading the article.

Interesting Information about the Aviator Game

​​Aviator Game is a rather new game which was created by the company Spribe in 2019. Worldwide Aviator is known as an interesting game for making real money. It has attracted the attention of many visitors of the betting platform because of its originality.The essence of the game is that the plane is flying on the field, which goes down or up when the betting ratio increases or decreases. The bets can vary from 1x to 1 000 000x, depending on how high your plane has risen.The player is the main factor in the game, and the reason of this is that only he decides when to stop flying and take his winnings.

A good strategy would be to gradually increase your bets.

Conventional online games will always be popular and in demand, but among them there is one game that will always be prominent because of its unique and unusual rules. Here players are competing in who will build the highest flight on a virtual field of odds.


How Do you Get Started Playing Aviator on 4rabet?

To simplify your steps before playing aviator, we have prepared  step-by-step instructions to start playing aviator on 

1.Go to the official 4Rabet website

Use your mobile device or personal computer to search the online betting site 4rabet; 

2.Create an account

Follow the instructions after clicking on ‘create account’. If you already have an account, enter your 4rabet username and password;

  1. Deposit your account

In the menu choose the option “Deposit” , then click on the button ‘deposit’, choose the payment option and enter the amount  that you want. After that the “Proceed” button will appear on the screen;

  1. Find an Aviator betting game

You have two ways to do this. You can find the game in the casino tab or you can use the search to quickly find the game;

5.Start playing the game

Before you start the game, decide on the bets. Then analyze the game, increase your odds, have fun and enjoy.

As you can see there is nothing difficult. Take these simple steps and go for the big winnings!


So how to Make Money at Aviator Game?

The rules of the game are simple and every player has a great potential to increase his odds several times over. So every player wants to know how to succeed at Aviator betting game and we have prepared some tips to help you improve your odds and have a great time playing:

  • Start with small bets. This approach will easily help you get up to 5x the odds. Try to keep your odds around 2x which will help you build up a starting reserve for later games;
  • Analyze your winnings statistics chart. An analytics chart is available to every player to help you increase your winnings;
  • The next step is to slowly increase your betting sums. After you have a lot of money and make an analysis you can start betting with more bets;
  • Get out of the round in time. Even 10 seconds can be decisive.


What Strategy to Choose to Play Aviator?

First you need to decide how quickly you want to win a lot of money and how much you can afford to lose in the game.

A strategy with minimum risk

The point is that you make the minimum bet (1.2-1.21x). This will allow you in the initial stages not to lose all your money. But do not wait that with such a strategy you can earn big money.

A strategy with moderate risk

In this case, it is a good idea to bet 2-3x. The probability of winning a good amount of money is 40 percent. And only you decide whether you want to win more money but have a higher chance of losing. Or you want to play with a minimum chance of losing money.

High risk strategy

Your bets can reach odds of 100x. But remember that the probability of winning remains the same, but if you lose, you will lose a lot of money. We have analyzed the winnings. And we noticed that the big winnings of the money happen every hour and a half. So if you don’t want to lose your money, you should pay attention to the time.

The Best Tactics for the Game

To make Aviator game easier for you, we have prepared a tactic that you can use to play with as little risk as possible:

  • Don’t bet until the odds are 1x;
  • Now we skip three moves;
  • After skipping a move we bet 3x;
  • Then it is worth to wait 15 minutes and repeat this algorithm a few more times.

Do not forget to analyze the tables and chat in the chat room which is available for each player aviator game, because not only luck, success and fortune can lead you to win real money.

We tried to tell you the most important and interesting tips to help you get as much money as possible. But each player can do his own strategy. You can use our advice or find your own strategy of playing . Have a successful and easy game at Aviator!


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