The Four Popular Breeds of Fighting Roosters

Steve O Speak

The idea of cockfighting has significantly changed since it first emerged. Various fighting chicken varieties are reared, taught, and handled to compete against one another as a form of entertainment and sport. Gamblers can also wager on cockfights from anywhere on earth, thanks to platforms like the online sabong website. However, not every chicken is suited for combat. Instead, you must pick a few more assertive, more powerful breeds. A few popular rooster breeds that are strong and combative enough to take part in cockfights will be discussed in this article.

  1. The Old English Game

The old English game was the initial combat breed of a rooster to be bred in Britain. These roosters, known for their tough personalities, had a procedure known as “dubbing,” in which their owners removed their combs and wattles. The bird would appear more intimidating and would be more resistant to harm after being dubbed. Modern fanciers breeding the old English game rooster continue to dub the birds for exhibition. Adult old English game cocks are frequently isolated because they often engage in death-match fighting if left to their own devices.

  1. Modern Game

A fighting rooster breed called “The Modern Game” was bred in the UK. It is a big bird, with cocks reaching gigantic weights of 20 pounds and hens reaching weights of 15 pounds. The body and tail of the Modern Game are both lengthy. The breed is renowned for its swift and nimble attacks and resembles a velociraptor. It can run down opponents and strike them with swift, intense strikes thanks to its long legs. Among the best fighting rooster breeds worldwide is the Modern Game. Many breeders keep them for their fighting prowess and attractiveness.

  1. Shamo

The “Shamo fighter” rooster is an extraordinarily robust and aggressive bird, arguably the most “powerful” rooster who always has the upper hand. Based on the line, they vary in size and weigh anything between 7 and 13 pounds. Their feathers might be white, red, or gold. Shamo roosters come in various lines or breeds, but they all typically have thick feathers and are of Asian descent. Folks created this breed as an unrivaled combination of fury and bravery in a fighting rooster. Among the most famous fighting birds in existence are shamo roosters. These birds are among the “best fighting cocks” because even the cockerels are alert to their considerable strength and resistance.

  1. Asil

The Asil is a fighting rooster native to Pakistan and India. These birds are distinguished by their long, slender legs and necks. Because asils are among the most aggressive as well as territorial rooster breeds, handlers frequently select them for cockfighting. Asils can weigh up to 13 pounds, have broad shoulders, and have a tiny beak. Sadly, they typically attack slowly. Several breeders mix it with other breeds to increase the Asil’s endurance and speed. The Asil has earned a reputation for being one of the most excellent fighting rooster breeds since it gets better overall every time it gets crossed with another breed.

In addition to the entertainment pleasure of seeing the fighting rooster breeds compete and betting on platforms like the online sabong website, it’s crucial to give the roosters extra attention. The rights and welfare of animals are more critical than ever today. Hence, taking care of the roosters’ needs and showing kindness to them is essential.

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