3 reasons eSports and betting are well-suited

Steve O Speak

It’s almost difficult to believe that eSports has only been around for 50 years in all, and in its present form for a couple of decades at most, given its relative popularity when compared to some sports that have had centuries to build a following. There are a few reasons this has been able to happen, of course. eSports has grown up in a highly connected world – indeed, it’s been possible in its present form because of that connectivity. It’s also had the advantage of being immediately relatable. Only a few of us can relate to the feeling of scoring a winning touchdown or serving an ace in a tiebreak, but millions of us have won with a console controller in our hands.


This is part of why betting on eSports has become as commonplace as it is in the modern day, with dozens of markets across multiple games. Even if you’re a relatively casual gamer, it’s easy enough to understand eSports in a way that keen football fans will never get to with NFL games. Therefore making decisions as to how to bet on eSports is more normal for most of us than on any other sport. And there are other reasons why eSports and betting are well-suited. Let’s look at a few of them.


There is a more balanced contest between bettor and bookmaker


The most precious commodity in betting is knowledge. This, in large part, is why professional sportspeople are often banned from betting on their games. If you know that another player is injured before that information is public knowledge, then you can make bets that exploit that inside information. More esoteric betting markets often have more value to their odds, because the level of knowledge the bookmaker has is no better than the average fan – and it may even be worse. So if you know eSports well, you have a better chance of doing it successfully.


eSports and online betting have grown up together


Back in the day, if you wanted to bet on a sporting event, you’d have to know where to find a bookmaker, go into the sportsbook facility, know the required language for the bet you wanted to make, and so on. These days, if you want to bet on DotA 2, you can find a sportsbook online and make the bet right where you are. You can even take advantage of Bitcoin sportsbooks with higher parlay limits. If you’re a digital native this is all second nature – as is knowing about eSports. Betting online has matured as a concept at the same time as eSports have become a serious endeavor – and so the sport has developed in a way which makes it easy to create betting markets and research bets.


Bookies are keen to attract gamers


Connected to the above reason, gamers are a prized commodity for bookmakers. If you’re into eSports, you’re more likely to be young, interested in competition, and a regular internet user than the stereotypical bettor. This makes you the perfect demographic for bookmakers looking for new players. As a result, there’s a good chance you’ll see promotions aimed at you, an abundance of markets for you to bet on, and there are even bookmakers whose chief focus is eSports. So if you want to bet on eSports, you’ll never lack for a good option or two.

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