Sport & Gam(bl)ing: Why the symbiosis in sponsoring works so well!

Steve O Speak

Sport is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. It’s often not that important whether it’s done actively or passively. While many people play sports and have a direct connection to soccer and the like, there are also plenty of people who simply support a player or club without becoming active themselves.

This extremely broad audience naturally makes the entire sport attractive to numerous advertising partners. Whether it’s a main sponsor or small advertising banners on the sidelines, companies can become effectively visible as a result. Of course, advertising partners are also aware of this. Through corresponding cooperations with athletes and teams, more people become aware and chose NetBet Casino spielen so that the cooperations also pay off.

Sport as a marketing tool

Sports of all kinds are followed by many millions of people around the world, and many fans have a very close relationship with their favorite club. This, of course, makes it very attractive for sponsors. Because the many emotions involved in sports make it much easier to address a possible target audience and thus potential new customers. This is of course known in very many industries and gambling providers have also taken advantage of this.

After all, online casinos and gambling in general often still have a poor standing in many areas of society. But not in sports. Because here gambling is closely intertwined with soccer and co. Not least because of the possibility of various sports betting in almost all professional sports. Thus, sports in general as well as certain clubs or individual players represent a special advertising opportunity for providers of gambling on the Internet.

However, not only the gambling industry, but also the gaming industry is a strong advertising partner in many areas of sports. Here, too, the reason is quickly found. Numerous games such as FIFA, F1, NBA or even Madden NFL implement real sports in their games and let gamers become part of their club or the professional sport itself. And the target audience also fits. Because the audience of the gaming as well as the sports industry is still predominantly male.

A fiercely competitive market

Online gambling has experienced an enormous boom in recent years and more and more players are flocking to the digital arcades. Of course, this has also led to more and more providers becoming active on the market. Thus, the operators of online casinos must of course ensure the appropriate visibility. This works particularly well through advertising in professional sports, of course.

The same applies here to the gaming scene. Gaming for different consoles diversifies the market. Sports games from different manufacturers also ensure that the industry is highly competitive. With the appropriate visibility in sports, the advertising drum can be beaten effectively. A very special example here is the manufacturer EA Sports.

After all, the Canadian game developer is behind the world’s best-known console games in the sports sector. FIFA, Madden, NHL and F1 dominate the gaming market in their respective categories. To make sure it stays that way, EA Sports is also seen as an advertising medium in real professional sports. To ensure that as much reality as possible is offered in the game itself, the games manufacturer has bought licenses and cooperates with real sports clubs.

The most famous advertising media

Professional sports naturally offer personalities, teams and sometimes even entire leagues that can be optimally used for advertising by providers in the gambling industry. Among the best-known advertisers in soccer are, for example, Neymar Jr, Cristiano Ronaldo and Gianluigi Buffon. All three players advertise for a poker provider. In Austria, for example, the highest division in soccer is sponsored by a gambling provider. But soccer clubs such as BVB, Celtic Glasgow and West Ham United also carry official sponsors from this industry on their jerseys.

Even the entire NFL, i.e. the most important football league in the world, has cooperations with various online casinos. Even less popular sports such as golf see the enormous source of income as an opportunity and are increasingly opening up to advertising space from gambling providers on the Internet.

In general, more and more players, clubs and even leagues are jumping on the bandwagon that gambling advertising partnerships. This is because casinos represent new partners who also provide corresponding financial compensation in order to be able to address their target audience.

eSports gains in importance

If you had claimed a few decades ago that sports clubs would employ their own gamers to represent them in virtual encounters and receive top salaries in return, you would probably have been laughed at. But that is exactly what has now become reality. Because eSports is gaining more and more importance and of course sports games like FIFA or Madden are not spared.

There are now professional leagues in which gamers fight for a virtual championship. What’s interesting here is that these players are actually employed by real clubs and naturally also have a hefty salary. A gaming dream for many youngsters that can finally become reality. But of course, only the best of the best are eligible, which is why the chances of getting a job as a professional gamer are still very slim.

eSports already enjoys a high profile not only in the USA, but in Europe, too, some of the best sports gamers are already broadcast on TV. This attracts further attention and takes the entire gaming industry to a new level because of the sport.

Global advertising opportunity

There are sporting events that are followed with great excitement all over the world. Whether it’s the Superbowl, the Premier League or the final of the Champions League. This allows both the online casino and gaming industries incredible advertising potential.

While other advertising measures are often limited to local areas or only hit an undefined audience, advertising in sports can be used to target a specific audience.

Of course, sports betting is also closely intertwined with active professional sports themselves. This is because the main component of these bets is to bet on specific events or the outcome in a wide variety of sports. It is therefore only logical that more and more betting providers are also actively acting as advertising partners in order to be able to address their potential customers.

Legal situation as an important factor

The legal situation surrounding online casinos is regulated differently in many countries and is still often not entirely clear. Due to these uncertainties, online casinos were avoided by official advertising partners for a long time. However, due to their appearance in sports, online casinos are becoming more and more attractive for other advertising partners. It is therefore quite likely that the industry will expand even further in the future.

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