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Many people bet on football as it allows them to invest in international betting markets with fantastic odds. Moreover, there is always a match around the corner, and tons of bookies serve the football betting market. So, you only need to grab a good betting sign up bonus and start backing the best teams. And if you’re looking for a lucrative football league to bet on, you cannot go wrong with the top UK leagues. We look at the best options and what makes them so:

The Premier League

This league, which falls under the UEFA confederation, boasts only 20 teams and stands at the first level of the football league pyramid. Because of its competitive nature, teams constantly battle it out to retain their positions and avoid relegation. So, unlike most other leagues, the competition is quite cutthroat, and the results are often unpredictable. Betting on this league allows you to back any contender, knowing that the results can go either way, sometimes in favor of what the public perceives as the underdog. And that makes for an exciting turn of events.

We should add that this is one of the most watched leagues in the world, with an audience of at least 4 billion people. That coverage translates to a lot of wagering, which, in turn, affects the competitiveness of the odds and the size of the payouts. So, if you play your cards right, you can walk away with a good cheque!

EFL Championship

While the premier league focuses on 3 relegations, this league adds more excitement to the games. It features 24 clubs that fight for 3 promotions and seek to avoid the 3 relegations in play. So, as much as the teams are intent on not getting kicked out of the league, they also make a play for higher positions in the league. And this results in a fast-paced environment where each team has two goals in every match. If the team does a good job, it gets promoted to the first level of the pyramid, the Premier League. And if it falls short, it earns a place in League One. Of course, the latter is every team’s nightmare, and watching the teams clamor their way up to the top of the pyramid is quite interesting. Emotions often run high in this league, and it is easy to get invested in one team and back it even when the odds are not in its favor. To avoid such mistakes, you should:

  • Consistently research teams before placing wagers,
  • Have a limit on how much you can wager on a team, and
  • Trust the data more than you trust your gut.

Research is always essential as it’s easy to get caught up in your feelings about a team which can blind you to the facts.

EFL League One

At the third slot in the pyramid is this league which features 3 promotions and 4 relegations. So, if you think about it, getting relegated is much easier than getting promoted at this level. And tension often runs high, especially towards the end of the season when teams are working hard to avoid relegation to League Two. The teams that do well end up in the Championship level and can work their way to the top of the pyramid.

All the leagues are pretty fun to watch as they all feature some of the strongest football teams in the UK. So, whichever league you watch, you will surely be on the edge of your seat as the season ends.

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