Top Trending Offseason Hobbies for The NFL Players We Follow

Steve O Speak

Whether we’re playing fantasy sport or streaming and watching the real thing it is always interesting to be able to know and follow some of the additional social aspects of the players we love. The NFL is a massive sector of the sporting and entertainment sector and there have been so many spin offs related to player hobbies and influence over fans that  it is definitely an aspect of the game to be aware of.

Online gaming and gambling

There are number of top NFL players who have noted their affinity for online competitive gaming and the slots or pokies online. The football fantasy league is another aspect of online gaming that the players have taken to in a big way. As long as the players aren’t betting on the NFL games themselves then it’s all good and they are well within their rights to go right ahead. It’s interesting for fans in that you could very well end up in the same online casino as one of your sporting heroes or playing against their team in the fantasy leagues.

Music and art

It may not have been the first thought for an NFL players hobby, but you’ll be surprised at how many of the players in the BFL, swear by the hobby or pastime of painting and art and music. Yes, the paintbrush may be tiny in their hands, but the aim is to relax and allow the mind body and soul to find peace after games and practice, making for a better player overall. A fitting example of this is how Ernie Barnes (the Denver Broncos Guard) became a prolific and professional painter, or Mike Reid, the defensive linesman who became a famous country singer.

A side hustle/business

Many players fully realize that their game isn’t going to last forever. Football will always be with us, but the players will come and go, based on their skill and fitness levels. In fact, according to Statistica the average length of an NFL players career is 3.3 years and it’s thus pertinent to have something else to fall back on. Many a player has thus started a genuine side hustle while still in the game. For example, the Seattle Seahawks Cassius Marsh collects Pokémon cards and spends an awful lot on these and other collectibles, hoping to be able to sell them on to others at some point. In fact, his collecting has grown to the extent that he opened Cash Card Unlimited, a platform where others can buy and sell and trade collectibles, such as those that he collects and more.

Being an NFL fan and following the players can be one of the most exciting and interesting things to do. In fact, being able to learn what their hobbies and pastimes are, and then being able to join in with these and engage with the self-same pastimes can be a wonderful way to improve your knowledge of the game and the players.

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