Top Tips for NBA Betting

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NBA fans, just like any other sports fan, love to prove they know better than their fellow basketball followers, or even the league’s leading GM’s and coaches. There’s no better way than doing that, placing a good bet and winning; after all, what’s better than your team picking up the W and you bagging some quick bucks to celebrate thereafter. However, it takes some smarts to make the best when placing the best bets on the NBA. Whether you’re looking for some early rule of thumb to follow when looking for sports markets or you’re a seasoned expert, here are the top tips for NBA betting.

Rotations and Breaks

With the NBA’s huge load of games, this information has tremendous value. Knowing if a coach will rest a key player can make the game completely different. For example, if we know a player who’s a great rebounder and defender won’t play due to injury and a different player will step in their place, it can change the predicted outcome of that match and make a great bet a terrible one, or vice versa. This can also happen when betting live, for example when we notice that a coach thinks the game is done and decides to play with his second unit, prioritizing the rest of important players.


That’s why you must know stuff before the starting line-up is officially published, so you can anticipate the bookmakers and gain an advantage. Find trustworthy fan accounts and journalists on social media so you can be the most up-to-date.

Be mindful of back-to-backs

In the NBA, a “back-to-back” happens when teams are schedule to play two matches on consecutive days. This changes completely the dynamic of a team as rotations will happen more often and you might even get some injuries. Keeping track of back-to-back statistics is essential. You’ll need to know how teams perform when they play two (or more) games in a row without rest between days. Are they more susceptible to fast-breaks? Do they play more minutes with their weaker second unit? Are they every bit as strong and should not be underestimated?

It is very important to take into account this information to make your NBA bets. Teams and individual players will most likely perform differently when playing back-to-backs or facing a team who’s going through one, particularly if they have a big game coming up or are close to the playoffs.

Don’t bet with your heart

It’s very likely that if you’re betting on the NBA, you’re a fan. And if you’re a fan, you’ve got a team. A large number of players trust their favorite team to make them a quick buck, but fall not for this. If the team you support is the favorite to get the ring, bet for them, if they’re in the middle of a tanking season, set on getting those high draft picks, just bet on someone else.


Never allow your heart to prevail over your head. Being a betting person, whether you do it at the NBA, the race horses or any other place, is about knowing the odds and trusting your gut. Your heart might tell you that your beloved bunch of misfits and underperformers can take on the league champions if just a few things go your way, but you’re sitting at the bottom of the league for a reason. There’s nothing worse than seeing your team lose and realizing you’re a little bit poorer because of it.


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