Top 5 Prospects For Your NFL Fantasy League Team

Steve O Speak

Don’t Forget To Shop The Draft When Making Your Fantasy League Team 

Putting together your fantasy league team for the next season can often feel like the most important thing you do all year. 


There is a lot of research that goes into the process. You have probably found this article as part of that research. You need to know all the statistics from the past few years to work out who is worth a spot on your precious team. 


There is a big thing that many Fantasy Football players forget to do when they put together their team. They forget to shop the draft. 


Drafted players don’t always make a huge impact on the league, but every now and then someone plays like a superstar from their debut week. Think about Cam Newton in 2011, Jim Brown in 1957, and Lawrence Taylor in 1981. 


Here are 5 players you should seriously consider including in your team this year. You can find a guide to DFS NFL here. 


#5  Ikem Ekwonu, OT, North Carolina State

There are a few teams out there that could do with a good run-blocking offensive tackler. The good news for them is that Ikem Ekwonu is the best player in that department to join the Draft in about 5 years. 


Ekwonu is fast and high on his feet. He has a great range of moments and an incredibly powerful point of attack. 


He has one tiny flaw in that he occasionally lacks in pass protection – but the right coaching team could train that out of him before the pre-season even starts.


He is a smart guy and popular with his current coaches – he could make a huge difference to the right team. 


Oh, we forgot to mention that his nickname in NCS is “Mr. Pancake” (because of his powerful pancake tackles), who doesn’t want a Mr. Pancake on their team. 


#4 – Evan Neal, OT, Alabama 

Anyone who features on the Athletics “Annual Freaks” List is worth watching in the draft. If you are not familiar with the publication they use the word “freak” as a compliment. This year, Neal was named at the top of that list. 


Neal does not look like she should be able to move anywhere near as well as he does. He has the strength, the power, and the size you want any good OT to have- but he is also unexpectedly nimble and boy is he fast. 


Neal was a 5-star recruit when he headed to college and he has only become better during his time at Alabama. He is the kind of player you could build a team around. 


He also offers an incredible amount of versatility. He played in three different positions for Alabama – helping them to fill the gaps in their squad. He adapted almost seamlessly to each of these roles. 


#3 – Kayvon Thibodeaux, edge, Oregon

If you recognize the name Kayvon Thibodeaux, it is probably because he once topped ESPN’s Recruit 300 list. 


Thibodeaux had three really solid years at Oregon, but many expected more from him. After what happened to the 1st and 2nd picks in the Draft last year, we think Thibodeaux probably isn’t worried about being the top choice this year. 


There is already a lot of talk about where Thibodeaux will end up – with both the Giants and the Jets expressing their interest in him. And Thibodeaux is the kind of player who could make an impact wherever he goes. 


When you have the motivation, work ethic, and team spirit that Thibodeaux does, coaches will look past the bad press and unfavorable opinion pieces. 


#2 – Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame 

Hamilton is another player that the Athletic has nothing bad to say about. 


They were quick to point out that while he didn’t impress many with his 40-yard dash at the Notre Dame Pro day. During his games, his GPS monitor has caught him running at around 21 miles per hour. 


Hamilton has also proved that he has the ability to throw fast and long – making him a great option for any teams that have been struggling to score points this season. 


The Washington Commanders, the Detroit Lions, and the New York Jets have all shown interest in Hamilton. 


#1 – Aidan Hutchinson, edge, Michigan

Some people will tell you that Adian Hutchinson was robbed of the Heisman trophy this year. But anyone who follows college football will understand why Bryce Young won and won by a landslide. (If Young is picked up by a team that is in desperate need of a quarterback then he may also be worth adding to your team, if not, he might not get a lot of game time this year.)


Hutchinson comes from a sporting family, his father was also captain of Michigan. You can see that he loves the sport and is committed to putting in the effort to become the best. 


He is currently predicted to be the first pick in the Draft this year. If that is the case then he will end up in Jacksonville, but we think he will be more than up for the challenge. 


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